Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's a...

It's official: we're having a little boy!  It's still setting in :)  Jason and I could not be more excited!  Honestly, we would have been really excited either way...but it's just so awesome knowing there's a HE inside my tummy!  So here's exactly how our day went yesterday:

We had our sonogram at 3:40 then the doctor's appointment directly following.  Jason usually just meets me at the doctor's office straight from work, but he came home so that we could drive together for this one. We had decided that we wanted the way that we found out to be special.  I bought a card that had little baby feet on the outside and was blank on the inside so that the ultrasound technician could write whether it's a boy or a girl on the inside.  We were going to be opening it later that night at dinner.  This was the most fun sonogram EVER!  We could really see what the baby looked like.  The other sonograms that we have had were basically just the outline of a baby, you really couldn't see features quite yet (probably because they weren't there yet ha).  The technician was awesome, and really explained to us what we were seeing.  At one point the little guy was doing a complete backbend, you could see his little spine arched like he was about to do a backflip.  So funny.  He moved all around the whole time, it was so fun.  She finally was able to get a profile view, and I must say he is very cute :)  I might be biased!  Pretty funny, as soon as Jason saw the profile he said he has my nose and my parents said the same thing.  Crazy to see his little features!  Anyway, she was so sweet and turned the screen around when she was looking to see if she saw anything "down there".  She then had us leave and wrote in the card.  We saw the doctor, and everything looks great so far!  He was actually measuring at 19 weeks 3 days (yesterday I was actually 18 wks 6 days) so he's big!

We left the appointment and went straight to an early dinner.  We went to the Reata in downtown Ft. Worth.  We were sooo anxious, but ordered dinner before we opened the card.  Finally, I opened it saw the "It's a Boy" and started crying.  Note: if you know me, I DO NOT CRY.  I was shocked and couldn't stop!  It reminded me of the Grinch when Jim Carrey says "I'm leaking!"when he started to cry.  It was just really overwhelming and exciting all at the same time.  Jason was looking at me like WHAT IS IT???  I showed him the card and he was just grinning from ear to ear.

Our waitress had asked if we were there for a special occasion (we had presents...explain in a min).  We told her what we were doing, and later told her it was a boy!  The Reata was unbelievable.  They brought out a dessert with a little blue candle and chocolate icing that said "it's a boy, congratulations!"  So nice!  They also gave us a Congratulations card signed by the wait staff.  I was really impressed.

The presents: Jason and I had each bought one boy and one girl outfit to wrap and give each other when we found out what we were having.  (We'll just be returning the girl outfits...unless Jayme has a girl, fingers crossed!)  It was really fun opening up little boy clothes, makes it so exciting!  After dinner, we called my everyone to let them know the good news.  When I called Brett and Courtney, I was on speaker.  They started yelling and cheering and telling Patrick that he was going to have a little boy cousin friend...and he started crying as if on cue.  It was really funny...figured he'd rather have a boy than a girl but maybe not! :)

I didn't get as many pics as I should have, but here's what I have:

Sorry, these were scanned weird. 

Happy Daddy

If you click on this to make it bigger, you can see that the sonogram pic she put inside has an arrow pointing to his little pee pee haha

Oh!  I'm also 19 weeks today!  That is boring compared to the other news :)  The baby is the size of a mango.  Tooth buds are now in place under the gums, the eyebrows have thickened and are clearly visible, and he has a straight spine.  I still feel him moving and kicking everyday...maybe he'll be like his daddy and be a soccer player.  I am sick less and less, which is AWESOME.  Overall, starting to feel a lot better!  Some of my pants are getting snug, so I think the bella band will need to be purchased this weekend.  

I guess you're just gonna always get workout attire, since that's basically what I wear everyday :)

Alright, this post was REALLY long, but we want to be able to look back and remember everything!  Hopefully we will have a name pinned down here soon-it's between two and it's up to Jason so it's a waiting game until he decides :)  

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I am so excited it's not even funny.  Only one more week until we find out if our little one is a boy or a girl!    Yeahhhhh!!!!  I remember in May thinking about how far away the end of August felt, and now it's here!  Well...almost here.  In one week it will be here.  Actually, it's 6 days if we're gonna be exact.  I really am impressed with all those moms out there that can wait to find out.  I have no patience whatsoever, so I don't think that would work out for me.  We had said that we might not find out the sex for the second one.  We will see.  Probably won't happen.

We hit the 18 week mark today, woo hoo!  According to my email, little O is yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing.   Trust me, I can tell!  I actually started laughing out loud last night when he/she kicked.  It was so powerful for such a little thing!  Baby O is the size of sweet potato.  Since I do not like sweet potatoes, I do not know what size that is.  I'm guessing slightly bigger than the onion it was last week.

In my Day by Day pregnancy book, it told me that people will slowly become fascinated with my ever growing tummy.  Apparently, according to the book, people will want to see the belly, touch the belly, and kiss the belly.  Excuse me, what?!  I don't care if people want to touch my stomach (if I know you that is, rando strangers stay away) but if any one of you tries to kiss my stomach, we are no longer friends.  That is the creepiest thing I've ever heard.

It also says that we need to start looking at prenatal classes.  Are these really necessary?  I need to look more into these.  I feel as though I will not like them.  I mean you just breathe a lot, get the drugs as soon as they let you, and push.  I need more info...

Here's me at 18 weeks:

My stomach has actually changed a lot in the last week.  It is hard as a rock, especially when the baby pushes its way to the front and feel it moving.  My book says I should have gained about 11 pounds by this week mark...I've gained 4 so far.  Hmm.  I'm sure I'll catch up, but I'm not really sure how I can change what I'm doing already.  If you know me at all, you know that I'm not the healthiest of eaters.  I love my french fries.  I have been trying to eat more healthy foods since the baby needs it, but I get bored of healthy stuff.  I eat quite a bit of fruit, and cantaloupe is soo good right now! We cook at home mostly, but I have been a frequent visitor of Taco Bueno, Sonic (I can't eat enough tator tots with cheese....but I couldn't eat enough of that before I got pregnant, so that's no different).  I've been on a Nerds kick, which Baby O seems to like since it always moves after I eat them haha.  I also decided I really needed those Hostess cupcakes after I saw a commercial for it.  You know the black ones with the white squiggle?  Haven't had one of those since like 5th grade...and Ho Ho' some of those too.  Yum.  

Jason's in KC for a few days, so I'm holding down the fort with the puppies.  Tax free weekend this weekend, might need to do some shopping.  One week til we get to stop calling the baby "it" get excited! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wiggle Worm

So, yesterday I said how I was ALMOST positive that I felt the baby moving.  I didn't want to say that I did for sure, then be wrong when I really felt it later.  Well, I definitely felt it, 100% positive!  Last night, we were watching some Jersey Shore in bed (quality TV our child will be introduced to) when I felt a much bigger thud on the lower part of my stomach.  I knew for sure that I wasn't make it up at that point.  Jason wanted to feel it, but I wasn't sure that he would be able to.  I've read that sometimes it's a lot harder to feel it from the outside...well obviously...but we decided to give it a try anyway.  About 10 minutes later, it came again.  I like jerked my head over to see whether he felt it or not, and he did!  He/she kicked like right where his hand was.  Craziest feeling in the world.  Plus, knowing that it's the size of an onion with little tiny feet kicking just cracks us up.

For the last hour (after lunch) they've been going crazy in there.  Today it feels more like a little alien or eel or something because it's just going nuts.  Must be doing gymnastics because it's not a kick, it's more like they're running around haha.  I love feeling it, but it's really hard to be productive because all I want to do is sit there and wait for it to happen again.

Another funny thing: Riley has become my new best friend.  They say that dogs know when you're pregnant...well Riley knows something is up.  She never used to hang out with me-always always sat with Jason.  Now, every night she is laying next to me.  Bailey on the other hand has no clue and is her regular chipper self!

Ya for baby's first movements! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

17 weeks

Only 161 more days to go!  Ya, that seems like a lot.  Time is going by really quickly though.  Much faster than I expected actually.  Jason and I were talking about it last night, and it really does seem like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant.  The overall time has gone by fast, but my daily clock seems to go ridiculously slow.  I have not had the easiest pregnancy in the world.  I am definitely not complaining, because I know that it could be 1000 times worse, but it hasn't been super easy.  I have been sick much longer than I had expected.  I went a good 3 months of basically throwing up every. single. day.  Not fun!  I am definitely on the other side of the hill though.  I am still getting sick occasionally, but it is NOTHING like it was before.  I'll have a few days where I feel perfectly fine, so that's definitely an improvement!  Another symptom that has been kinda tough are the headaches.  I haven't been one to get very many headaches in the past, and I have had them a lot since getting pregnant.  Tylenol doesn't really cut you just kinda have to deal.  OH!  I also have had nosebleeds...what?!  I have never had a nosebleed in my life....freaked me out.  They only last for a minute or two, but it's so weird!  Apparently they are common with us preggos, but that is definitely a new one to me.  I thought my nose was running or something.  Nope.  Pregnancy is so weird.  How a nosebleed has anything to do with this little one is beyond me.

Here's me at 17 weeks:

Exciting.  Once again, not a ton of change.  Slowly but surely starting to pop out a little more.  I actually thought that it would be getting a lot bigger since I'm no longer throwing up as much.  It'll get there. :)  

My weekly update told me that I might be able to be feeling the baby, and I'm almost positive that I did yesterday!  It was pretty fun.  Felt like someone flicked my stomach from the inside.  I felt it once during the day, then again last night when I was laying in bed watching tv.  Baby O saying hi!  Now I want it to happen all the time.  I also want Jason to be able to feel it.  I think it might be awhile before you can feel it from the outside...but that'll be fun when the time comes.  Baby O is the size of an onion, and can do somersaults inside the uterus.  Haha that's funny to picture.  

Less than 2 weeks until we find out what we're having!!!  So excited!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

4 months!

That is hard to believe, 4 months already.  4 months pregnant sounds like I'm really pregnant.  Not that I haven't been for the past 16 weeks, but 4 months is like almost halfway there!  Crazy!  The baby is now the size of an avocado.  Apparently when I read last week that it was the size of an orange, they meant a small orange.  Because an avocado is way smaller than an orange.  Anyway.  I get an email each week that tells me about what is going on with the baby this week.  It's pretty fun.  Little Baby O can hear our voices now!  The little bones in his/her ears mean they can hear us talking!  When my belly gets bigger I'm gonna put my Beats over it and let him/her listen to something.  Probably not classical...even though that's supposedly supposed to raise their IQ.  Not sure about that.  I get bored listening to classical, so I'm sure my baby will as well.  I'll switch it up by the day...Monday's: Dave Matthews, Tuesday's: Lil Wayne, Wed: Adele.  I should probably throw some country in there too.  That way baby is well rounded :)

Okay, got off track there for a minute.  So, baby can hear us, what else??  Baby O has eyebrows, lashes, and hair filling in!  Once again, not holding my breath on the hair.  Taste buds are forming as well.  Lots going on within my tummy!

Here's my weekly bump update:

It's definitely starting to pop out.  Still a little smaller than I had thought I would be at 4 months, but it's definitely growing!  Jason can for sure tell now.  I definitely can tell.  My stomach just feels super tight.  Not like good ab workout tight, just pressure.  My shorts still fit...tested my jeans yesterday just for fun..they still fit too.  Not that I could wear my jeans right now, holy hot weather!  We have had 35 straight days of 100+ weather.  If I was super pregnant right now, I would not be happy.  I am so ready for fall.  

Anything else new with the baby...I think that's about it.  Cravings:  love me some Taco Bueno.   Mmm...but I always liked it, so that's nothing new.  Laying in bed last night, I really wanted Cheez Balls.  So incredibly random.  I haven't had those since like middle school.  Maybe this baby is taking after their Uncle Christopher ha.  

On a non-baby note:  Yesterday was Jason's 29th birthday!  How did we get to be 29 already?  Geez.  Officially old.  29 is not like ohh you're still in your 20's and can be put in the young adult category.  Nope.  29 is for real adult age.  Good thing I'm still 28 :)

I made the dogs wear these hats when Jason got home from work.  They were not happy with me.  Bailey's little tail was straight (which means she's either scared or not happy) and Riley wouldn't move.  Good stuff.  I ordered a cookie cake from the cookie place at the mall.  Apparently the only size they had was huge because this thing could feed a family of 8.  I have no doubt Jason can eat it though :)