Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We have a crawler!

Grayson started crawling the week of August 20th!  He has been rocking back and forth on his knees for awhile now, so we knew it was any time until he figured out how to actually move.  

When he first started, he couldn't quite figure out how to use his legs, so he just pulled himself with his arms while his legs lay flat in the back.  That only lasted for a day or so, because now he's got the real crawl down to a science!  He's so funny watching him go after stuff, and he is into absolutely EVERYTHING!  It's so fun watching him discover new things every day.  He mainly likes to go after things he shouldn't have (as in I caught him knawing on a dog bone yesterday...awesome).  So baby proofing is in full force in the O'Bryan household.  We got a new bench to put in front of our fireplace (he got a handful of ashes one too many times) and we just bought a leather ottoman coffee table to replace the glass one we have.  As seen in the last video below, he has found a way to pull up on things, and has busted his face once already.  So the glass has got to go!!

This actually is just about the first time he was crawling-luckily we caught him in action!!

Sorry about this video, we turned the phone sideways thinking the black bars would go away, so you'll have to crank your neck if you want to watch this one haha.

He's figured out how to get up on his knees, so his crib has been lowered (sad) so that he can't get out!  Our little man is growing up so so fast!  Recently he has become very attached and doesn't like when I leave the room.  As in he screams.  So that's fun.  So basically Grayson goes where I go!  We've become quite the buddies, and I wouldn't have it any other way!  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

7 months

I think that the 6-7 month age is my favorite so far.  He is just so much fun right now!!  I cannot believe how big he has gotten.  We met our little niece Charley last weekend, and she is only 4 weeks old.  I almost forgot just how small they are when they are newborns!  It really seems like ages ago that Grayson was that small.  Sad. :(  BUT, I love this age!

He is now able to sit up like a champ.  He really perfected this while we were in Kansas City.  He is still rolling across the whole room.  He also can now pull up on his knees and is rocking back and forth.    I have a feeling we will have a crawler before we know it.  He is interested in absolutely EVERYTHING around him so he tries his hardest to get into anything he can.  

Grayson's 7 month stats:

Height: ??

Weight:  I would guess around 20 lbs...he's heavy I know that!!

Eyes: I'm adding this in because I think it's safe to say his eyes are going to stay blue...yea!  My one contribution to this child :)

Diapers: Size 3 and wearing an overnight diaper at nights

Clothes:  Wears 9 month jammies, 6-9 month clothes, and 9-12 month onesies/rompers  (In his 7 month pictures he has on an 18 month white onesie...that's normal for a 7 month old right??)

Shoes:  Size 1 or newborn shoes.   I hardly ever put shoes on him though.  Jason thinks I'm raising a hippie, but his feet are too hot in this 105 degree weather!

Hair is still growing right down the middle.  He rocks the faux hawk.   I have had several people ask me at what age I cut his hair.  Really people?  

Eating:  Eats about 25-30 ounces of formula a day (finished breastfeeding around 6 and a half months). He is now having 3 meals a day of baby food that I make at home in the food processor.  So far he has had:  carrots, green peas, green beans (hates them!!  Don't blame him one bit, they're disgusting), sweet potatoes, butternut squash, broccoli, peaches, bananas, pears, mangoes, and avocado.  I could be missing a few.  He's also had chicken, turkey, and beef meals from the jar of Earth's Best.  Loves the chicken and turkey, hated the beef.  Made a horrible face.  

He is almost ready to graduate from his bucket seat.  The seat weighs about 7-8 pounds, then add in his 20lbs, and it is HEAVY for me to carry around!!  Plus, he really doesn't like sitting in there anymore when we go places.  I am also afraid he is going to break it and we won't be able to use it for future siblings of his!  He does this thing where he takes the canopy and pulls it all the way forward, then mashes it down with his feet.  He's definitely all boy.  This is what I'm talking about:
I think he just gets bored, and this is what he's come up with to pass time

He's started to finally enjoy books! 

I'm screwed.  Look at this kid.  

Give me some food.

Still obsessed with Mickey!

Feeding himself peaches

Get this sticker off!!

That face just kills me!!

Crosses his legs ALL the time!


KC trip

This past week, Jason had his quarterly meetings up in Kansas City, so Grayson and I tagged along!  We were there Wednesday-Monday so it was a really nice trip.  We were supposed to head back to TX on Sunday evening, but our flight kept getting delayed so we had to change it to Monday morning.  (The other option was to fly at 11pm with a 7 month old...no thanks!!)  It's always great to head back home and see everyone, and for everyone to get to spend some time with Grayson.  Everyone was amazed by how much he had changed since his baptism.  He really is a completely different baby!  We didn't do a whole lot while we were there, lots of relaxing with the family.  We did go out for Jason's 30th birthday, so that was really fun.  Ugh...30...really?  Good thing I have another month and a half of being 29 :)

Here's some photos from our visit:

Cutest.  Thing.  Ever. 

BIG Mickey Mouse his GG got him!

Sitting so high!!


Great Grandma and baby Charley