Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The last few months...

I feel like since Grayson turned a year I don't want to do monthly updates anymore.  So instead I'll just upload a whole BUNCH of pics from the last couple of months!  Grayson is now 14 almost 15 months!  So big!  Not sure of his size and all that, we'll find out those stats at his 15 month appointment....which I probably should schedule.

Anyways, I'm absolutely obsessed with this age he is at.  He is too fun.  I have loved every stage, and am sure that I will continue to do so, but he is such a big boy now!  I feel like since he turned one, he's all the sudden really started understanding a whole lot more.  He definitely knows what I'm saying, and tries his best to communicate with me.  He's pretty easy to understand nowadays (not verbally, but through his pointing, babbles, and screaming).  It's great!  He's still not talking a whole lot.  He says "mama" "mom" (which I am NOT a fan of....he's not allowed to call me mom til middle school!!) "dada" "nigh nigh" "uh-oh" (says that one ALL. THE. TIME).  That's about it.  He loves throwing things purposely on the ground and saying "uh-oh!"  It's cute.

He is sleeping great, and has just recently in the last couple of weeks gone to one nap a day.  He started trying to skip his afternoon nap, which didn't work since his morning one was over at like 10:30...so that was way too long to stay up til bedtime.  So we've started going down for nap between 12-12:30 and he generally sleeps anywhere from 1:45-3 hours.  Which is incredible...since he used to sleep for like 20 minutes.  Our mornings seem a lot longer since I don't have a break, but it's great to actually get a stretch in the afternoon where I don't have to eat as fast as I can worrying his nap will only be 15 minutes!

He is absolutely obsessed with our dog Bailey.  They are BFF and play together a lot.  I LOVE it since B was my first baby!  She will bring him her toys and they will play tug of war.  Super cute.  Riley on the other hand...she just growls.  Cranky dog.  Grayson gave up on her a long time ago.  :)

We were supposed to give up bottles at a year...that didn't happen.  He is down to 2 a day, one in the morning and one at night.  Whatever.  He loves them, and we'll get rid of them eventually.

Grayson is a ham and the happiest kid in the world.  I constantly get comments about how happy he seems...and he really is!  When he gets upset though...watch out!  He loves laughing and being goofy.  He has a belly laugh that I am so obsessed with I wish I could make it my sound machine.  His favorite shows are Sesame Street, Chuggington, and Mickey.  LOVES Elmo.

I realized I never did a Mexico post--so I decided to just put the pics in this post!  To sum it up: weeklong trip to Tulum, Mexico with the O'Bryan family.  It was super relaxing and great to see Grayson at the beach for the very first time!

Alright, I have a bajillion photos from my phone, so prepare for a lot of photos!  Here is us the last few months:

Grayson LOVED Max!  

Our house we rented for the week-absolutely beautiful

Right after he got covered by a wave :)

View from the back patio

Villa Escapar!

His KU shorts are a tad long :)

Cousin Charley!

Photobomb by Max


Pancake time!

I mean really...that hat...

Dad workin hard on airplane duty

Dinner in Playa Del Carmen

Entranced by the mariachi band

Crab friend Jeff found

Climbing out of my suitcase...naturally

And here are completely random pics from the last 3 months!

 That face...kills me!

My little goofball

Peekaboo Barn!

Flirting with the lady at the deli counter

Why not shove the box into the tunnel?!

So big-holding BOTH dogs leashes on our walk!

Not thrilled Dad left for work :(

These pics kill me....he sits there so nicely and watches Sesame Street

At Kindermusik..doin some kicking

Just eating a pot...

Favorite thing: going and getting Dad's belts

At Arrington's birthday party...loved the big slide!

Turned his carseat to forward facing--such a huge difference...much happier rider!!

Best attempt at a kid pic

He fell asleep on my shoulder....this never happens anymore!!

Dandelions in the hair


Feet up relaxing!

Doing some grocery shopping at our Mom's playgroup

Pure excitement-"Bailey PLAY with me!!"


Yes the blinds are in his mouth

Mmmm El Arroyo!

Late night baby didn't go to bed til 9:30, wanted to watch KU beat OK State!

Paw came to visit

Made a trip back to KC for Papaw's funeral :(  This is Patrick telling Uncle Jason the alphabet!


Is there something in my hair??

Squeezed his food pouch way too hard and it exploded....resulted in a silent cry and major overreaction :)

Future KU Basketball player :)

Caught them like this-adorable

Giving Frisky kisses (yes I still sleep with my childhood stuffed animal....don't be jealous)

Got him out of bed that morning with half a shirt off

Went back to KC for the Big 12 Basketball Tourney...22 people on the flight meant Grayson had his own chair!

2013 Big 12 Champs!  

Delayed flight until 9pm...keeping Grayson busy looking at the planes

You'd think he'd be asleep for the 9pm flight...nope, organizing the magazine holder instead

I obviously take a lot of pictures.....Love that little boy of mine to pieces!!