Friday, April 19, 2013

A few videos....

We take videos ALL the time of this little guy, so I thought I'd put a few on here to look back on!!

Grayson LOVES going to the park...really doesn't play on the equipment a whole lot, just loves running around the pond and looking at the ducks...and trying to get in the water :)

He is absolutely obsessed with light switches.  It amazes him every single time he turns the lights on and off...and he has to do it 40 times before we leave a room.  

Walking home from the park--he held Riley's leash-precious

He did this about 5 times before I got it on video.  He wasn't going to bed, so I kept telling him to "go night night" through the monitor...every time I said that, he dove down into his bed like he was caught doing something...cracked me up

Grayson being naughty and not listening to his Daddy AT ALL!

By far, my favorite video of him!  Love his belly laughs!

15 almost 16 months!

I just realized that I still haven't gotten him in for his 15 month appointment, so I don't have any stats for this post!  Oops.  :)

Grayson is so so so fun.  He is understanding more and more, and will follow commands.  If I tell him to go get something, he'll go get it.  It's like I have a little assistant with me all the time.  He's very big into putting things away-one of his favorites is to put anything and everything into our hamper in our bedroom.  He puts one item in, closes the hamper, opens the hamper, puts the next item in, repeat.

He just started Little Gym and he LOVES every minute of it!  We went in for a trial class, and the teacher kept commenting how normally the kids are a little standoffish during their first class, and usually stand back and observe...not Grayson!  He was running all over the place from one activity to the next.  He kept saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!!"  Cracked me up...he'd never said that before that point, so he was obviously really excited!  One problem he has is when people tell him what to do-as in if all the kids are supposed to be sitting in a circle...he doesn't want to do that.  He squirms around til you let him go run around.  The teacher said it means he is "independent" and "self-assured" since he is ready to go off on his own...I think it just means he doesn't want to sit still.  We're working on it. :)

We still go to Kindermusik once a week, but I think we are going to be done after this semester.  Our last class is at the end of May.  He is just way too busy to sit around and play with specified instruments.  All he wants to do the entire time is run around and pull up the little puzzle piece floor mat that we play on.  It wears me out the entire class...Little Gym is much more up to his speed.  Makes me sad since we've been going to Kindermusik for awhile now, but oh well.

He still isn't really talking very much.  I am not going to look too much into it until he's 18 months old.  I know that is when their verbal communication skills really start to shine through.  He is very good at communicating what he wants without actually speaking words.  Lots of grunting and pointing.  And whining.  Lots of whining.  He had been saying a few words, but has kinda stopped saying them the last few weeks.  I'm hoping it picks back up soon, because it's so cute to hear his little words!  He will try to imitate animal sounds as long as it's not a word (i.e. "moo")  He does an elephant and tries the pig.  Cute.

He is a super picky eater (weird...nothing like his mom at all).  He still loves fruit, especially berries.  He has bananas every morning with his breakfast, so luckily he'll eat that.  He loves vegan hot dogs (so random I know), these chicken sausage things we got at Trader Joe's, grilled cheese, quesadillas, cheese (only the little individually wrapped squares though).  He gets his veggies through the baby food pouches, and I'll continue to give him those until he won't take them anymore!  He refuses any veggie of any kind otherwise.  It immediately is thrown off his tray or he gags.  One of his new favorite things are the smoothies I make with spinach, bananas, strawberries, greek yogurt, and peanut butter.  He will drink half of my smoothie, which is great.

He just started holding our hand when we walk, which I find to be the cutest thing ever.

We moved to one nap a day (can't remember if I talked about this in the last post).  It's been going really well...he always sleeps a minimum of an hour and a half, sometimes up to 3 hours.  Fabulous for mommy.

Alright here is a bunch of photos from my iPhone from the last month or so!

Grayson's crazy bedhead hair...and yes I'm well aware of how attractive I look...

Out in Ft. Worth cheering on the Jayhawks

Uncle Pook came to visit--"hands up!!"

Daddy chasing Grayson down the street

His favorite giant stick

Poor Bailey is harassed on a daily thing is to hit with a golf club...we're working on that too...well right after I got a pic, it was stopped I swear!

Grayson's first Easter Egg Hunt with my Mom's Group

On the Omni Hotel when KU was staying here for the Sweet 16...we don't talk about the outcome of the game...

Vegas for Carrie's 30th birthday!

Our Easter was a little sad since Mommy hadn't gone to bed for her 6am flight home from was a rough one...

Grayson's new pool, he loves it!

Helping Daddy fix the dishwasher

Pinterest activity

Grayson discovered our fence blew down...

Watching TV from Bailey's bed...naturally...B is wanting her bed back

What you can't see is Bailey underneath the bed and Grayson sticking his golf club as far as it will go under there to get her out

He "vacuums" with me now with is popper...precious

His "Look what I did!" face...turning the light switch on and off, with the help of his buddha belly :)

Grayson paying the tab (look at those curls in the back!)  His hair is getting sooo long by the needs to be cut, I just can't bring myself to do it yet :)

Playing at the fountain by Yummilicious 

At the dog park-loved looking at all the different dogs!

 Helping dad at Home Depot

Stacking the pudding while Mommy gets turkey

Little Gym!

"Point to the Jayhawk Grayson!"

One of my favorite things-he crosses his feet ALL THE TIME.  He has done this since he was a newborn...I think he was in my tummy like that...this is us watching cartoons with his feet crossed

First bubble bath-very unsure