Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lots of stuff to write about!!

Sooo much stuff has been going on recently it's crazy!  Jason and I just got home to TX after being gone almost a week and a half up to KC/Mexico!  We drove home (with the doggies of course) on Wednesday, January 26th to get home for Jordyn's wedding.  The wedding was great--we had the rehearsal dinner at Brio (of course) and then the wedding was at Club 2000 above the Cashew.  Here's Jordyn and Jeff in their father/daughter dance:
The wedding couldn't have gone better, and then the next day we all got to leave for CANCUN!  We could not have picked a better week to go to Mexico.  The entire United States was pretty much under a giant cold front/massive storm.  Dallas pretty much shut down, and KC was out of commission with 5 foot drifts!  All the while, we were on the beach drinking pina coladas :)  We had perfect weather every day, and really couldn't have asked for a better trip.  Well...take that back.  The Monday of our trip I was SICK. AS. A. DOG.  Came down with the flu that had been going around the previous week.  Big surprise since my immune system is teeny tiny and I catch everything.  And then, of course, Jason came down with it the next day.  I tried telling him to stay away from me, but he came and checked on me throughout the day anyways...sweet but not smart :)  So ya, other than that the trip was great!  The resort was gorgeous, as well as all inclusive.  This is always good when you have a group that wants to drink all day, plus have breakfast, lunch, late lunch, early dinner, late dinner, and midnight snack :)

                                Jason and Will on Jeff and Terry's balcony, not a bad view!!
                                                                The ziplining crew

Jeff ready to ATV!!

Everyone was FILTHY after the ATV's, so fun!!
The Wednesday that we were there most of the group went ziplining!  That was an awesome experience, and I would highly recommend it!  It was more fun than scary, so even if you don't like "adventurous" stuff, you'd probably like zip lining.  We got to do 12 different zip lines so you really were able to get comfortable doing it.  I went down upside down on one of the runs...greatness. The guy went behind me and spun me around in circles while we were going down the line, it was so fun.  Tried to peer pressure Jason into doing it, but that did not so much work.  Oh well...maybe next time :)
After the ziplines, we went ATVing.  Another thing I would highly recommend!  We did some MAJOR off-roading...so fun.  We had such a great time on the trip, and can't thank Jason's parents enough for sending us all there.  It was so great to spend time with everyone, and really get a chance to hang out with our nephews Max and Will!  They have the funniest little personalities, and I love the fact that they really know us now!  You just kinda want to eat little Max up when he says "My Jason, My Angie!"  Too cute for words.   We are definitely going to be doing more family trips in the future!

                                    William could not get enough of the water!

Me and the hubs

View of our hotel from the beach


"More seashells!!!"

Such a great group

Gran Caribe Real Cancun

Max and us at dinner
The trip was over Saturday, and we were all really sad to say goodbye to Mexico, knowing the weather that we were returning to.  I was however pretty excited to get back home to our house and regular routine.  As soon as we got home, Jason and I lounged the whole night watching the Super Bowl and catching up on our DVR.  Pretty perfect evening I would say!

Another important thing coming up:  Brett's baby!!  I am heading home on the 19th (if not sooner depending on Courtney's progress) and I cannot wait to meet my new little nephew!  There will definitely be a post on that when I get back from visiting the little guy!!  I bet he's gonna be just like Brett and come out wearing a polo and a sweater vest with perfectly combed hair, haha.

On a new, exciting note: Jason and I have OFFICIALLY started trying to get pregnant!  Crazy.  We are so excited/nervous/anxious for this next phase in our life.  Weird to think that at this time next year we could be a little family of 3.  Well....5 really, can't forget about Bailey and Riley :)