Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

This year, we spent Easter in San Antonio with Jason's sister's fam, his mom, and his little sister.  We were so happy to get to spend Easter with family this year!  It made it especially fun since it was Grayson and Ryane's first Easter.  Jason and I drove down on Friday afternoon.  We got to see Mark play on Saturday night, which was really fun!  This was my first hockey game too!  Grayson was mesmerized by all of the lights and activity going on around him.

The next day we got up and went to the early church service with all of the kids.  This was Grayson's first time at church, and he did very well.  Once again, he loved the music!  He took a bottle and fell asleep halfway through the service.  

At their church, they have a giant carousel in the narthex!  It was really neat, and all the kids obviously loved it :)  

We went back to Jayme's and had brunch, then headed back home!  It was a quick trip, but really fun!  

Grayson and Ryane's first Easter!

I was slightly obsessed with this hat :)

3 months!

Little man turned 3 months on April 4!  He is getting to be so much fun.  He is so alert, doing lots of talking/cooing, and LOTS of smiles!  When he gets really excited, he does a big open mouth grin at's pretty cute.  He can hold up his head really well, but gets wobbly if you hold him on your hip too long. :)  He is absolutely is obsessed with TV.  When he's crying, you can go stand next to the TV and he'll just stare in awe.  He's starting to like toys, and is interested in anything that flashes or makes noise.  When we were in KC, he was sitting in his little vibrating chair at my parents house, and reached out for the toys for the first time.  Genius baby if you ask me.

This little guy still loves music!  He doesn't like when it's quiet-he sleeps with a sound machine (big surprise with me and Jason for parents) and goes to sleep a lot of the time with music playing!  We still are not on any kind of a sleep schedule...we're going to start working on that this month.  He goes to sleep anytime from 8-11 or 11:30.  Depends on his mood!  Then he'll sleep til about 7-7:45.  Definitely sleeping through the night now, and not by a fluke occurrence!  He basically never wakes up in the middle of the night anymore, which is awesome!  When we were back in KC last week, he started waking up around 3am, but I think it was because he was in a new place.  I ended up just letting him squirm around and talk, and he'd go back to sleep after a bit without having to eat.

3 month stats:

Weight: Around 14 lbs. I think (doubled his birth weight!!)

Eats about 4-6 ounces per feeding (when bottle fed)

Sleeping through the night

Just got his first cold :(  Poor baby can't breathe

Doesn't really wear shoes, but when he does it's the smallest size...not sure what size that is :)

Size 1 diaper

Wearing 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing, depending on the brand

Here's our little guy at 3 months:

He's starting to get a lot of dark hair!  His hair is growing in crazy fast, and really thick (thank goodness, he's not getting my thin hair!).  He's definitely inherited my blue eyes though, which is pretty much my only claim on this baby...he's pretty much all Jason!