Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby #2 and Grayson's 2 and a half!

So horrible.  When I was pregnant with Grayson I literally blogged once a week with new photos, and updates on what was happening that week.  This time around, I have to remind myself what week I am on!!  Amazing how much time a 2 year old will take up.

So I am 25 weeks along, with baby #2!  We found out we are having another little boy, and are super ecstatic about it.  Grayson will have a little best friend, and I can use all of our hand me downs!  Win win!

This pregnancy has been a little easier than with Grayson.  I was SO SO SO SICK with him!  This time around, I was only sick for about 2 months and it wasn't every single day...which was really nice.  I started having some sciatic nerve pain, but doing yoga seems to help and it is much better.  Last time it didn't show up until the 7 month mark, which I am not at yet.  I'm hoping it doesn't come back.  We are starting to get his nursery figured out, and Grayson completely understands that there is a baby in mommy's tummy, and is pretty excited about it.

I haven't really had many cravings/aversions this go around-candy again, same as last time.  Still loving fruit.  Anything sweet really.

I've literally taken 3 here ya go :)

19 weeks, ignore the messy bedroom

20 weeks-halfway mark!  Grayson on top, baby brother on the bottom, both at 20 weeks.  

25 weeks!  Bump is growing more everyday!

Grayson is now almost 2 and a half, and is absolutely hilarious.  He cracks me up every day.  He is talking full blown sentences and is very vocal about what he wants/doesn't want.  He's got a major temper, and tells you "No mama, NO!!" whenever I am doing something wrong.  Which is a lot.  If I don't get him out of the car quick enough he says "Mama get me OUT OF HERE!!"  He's really sweet, I swear. :)

He is so sweet in the mornings (most of the time) and loves his cartoon and milk routine.  He is a bear to get around in the morning, which luckily I don't have to do often.  We are extremely lazy in the morning.  He takes a good hour just to get downstairs for breakfast...which a lot of the time isn't until about 10am.  He's not a huge breakfast eater.

He's a huge night owl, and doesn't fall asleep until 10 on most nights.  Not good.  We're working on it. Problem is, his napping takes him until about 5 or 5:30 most days, because he won't fall asleep til like 3.  It's a problem.  But I need a break, so I just go with it.  We'll get it figured out before school starts in the fall...until then...I'm pregnant so whatever.  

He's still obsessed with trucks, airplanes, construction vehicles, etc.  He has a new love of the pool, and wants to go daily.  

He loves going on runs with his daddy, and they go to the lake by our house and visit the ducks, turtles, and a crane he named Thomas.  There is black Thomas, white Thomas, and baby Thomas.  I hear all about which one he sees every time they get home.  He loves it. :)

Not feeling potty training.  At all.  Gets really pissed when we bring it up.  He went once, we celebrated big time....won't go again.  It's a work in progress.  

He is obsessed with Bailey and harasses her daily.  Poor pug.  She's too sweet and just takes it.  He doesn't mess with Riley.  He's well aware that Riley is a jerk and will bite him.  Not hard...

Per usual, here is the regular HUGE photo dump from my iPhone!  

Can't resist a baby in a diaper

Helping daddy mow

I need to have this one framed.  Love capturing moments like this!!

Bringing mommy's Snoogle in from storage...such a good helper.  (A snoogle is a giant pregnancy pillow if you didn't know)

At Urban Air-LOVES going to jump 

He's extremely opinionated on what he wears-he picked out his new shoes by himself

Such a good helper at Home Depot

We found a lone excavator...had to climb on it

Back at Urban Air, brought a truck this time

His new favorite game-hiding.  Loves to hide in our closet..."Grayson are you?!"

"Ha!" is what he says when he is ready to be found

Mommy/Grayson date at Steak n Shake

Playdate painting pots

Spiderman planting his lima beans when we got home

Butterfly exhibit selfie

Not a fan at the beginning

Cousin Ryane came to visit!!

 Such a good helper

Went to brunch at Breadwinners...the sprinklers came on...we let him play

...he got soaked

...and we had to walk back through Northpark to our car like this...

Christie Ranch Estates pool party!  So fun-had a band, Frisco Firetruck, and a giant movie screening of Finding Nemo.  Grayson loved dancing to the band.  

...the only one dancing...

 Ryane came to the pool party too!

Turned his new towel into a superman cape...naturally

6 year anniversary dinner

Got a new race car bed!

Got to climb on a train outside of Babe's

I about died...wayyyyyyy too high!!

Cleaning the rain off of his slide

He's a little OCD...everything has to be just so

Late night airplane watching.  Our house is positioned perfectly to see airplanes from Love Field and DFW...Grandma O even sent him an airplane blanket just for airplane watching!!

Checking out the trucks pouring cement for our neighbors pool!

Stretching before their run

Frisco Square Friday nights!

They have so much fun together!  

Checked out downtown McKinney 

Picking out his donuts for going on the big boy potty!  

And then at Target picking out his prize! (Garbage truck and M&M's).  He still has not gone since....