Monday, September 16, 2013


We have stayed pretty busy this summer in our new house!  I have to say, I am LOVING every second of living in the city.  Grayson and I have so many fun things to do at our fingertips!  We have recently bought a membership to the Dallas World Aquarium, as well as the Perot Museum.  Both are so awesome, and Grayson has so much fun anytime we go!  The Perot Museum has the cutest little Children's museum that he is in love with.  There is a big play truck that he can "drive" and you can get in the back and load/unload produce to the farmer's market.  Precious.  We might have had a mini-meltdown when another kid wanted to drive the truck.  We're working on in progress.  :)

We have had lots of visitors this summer, which has been awesome.  It is getting harder and harder to get back to KC as often as we would like.  (Not looking forward to January when we have to start paying for Grayson's plane tickets!)

Grayson is getting so so so fun.  I know I say this all the time...but this time it's really true.  He is all over the place, and starting to talk more and more.  I really feel as though he knows the words, he's just choosing not to say them.  He'll say something like once then not say it again.  So weird.   It'll come.

He's loving the splash pads at Klyde Warren Park, and we go over there a few days a week now.  He is getting super adventurous...and now wants to climb the ropes with the big kids.

He's wearing Size 4 diaper, size 18month-3t clothing, depending on what it is.  3T pajamas and tshirts for sure.  Wearing a 6-7 shoe.  He's a big boy.

We got his first haircut this past Sunday, Sept 15!  This was a long time coming, I just had a really hard time cutting off those sweet baby curls. :(  I put it off for as long as I could, but he was starting to look like Donald Trump with the stringy combover he had going on.  He now has a cute haircut, VERY similar to his daddy's.  Super cute.  He HATED the haircut at first, but got better when the bubbles and lollipops came out.  He had his own little TV, and the lady was really good and really fast!  He got a little certificate of congratulations for being so brave on his first haircut.  He looks SO grown up, but pretty stylin.

Visiting the Dallas World Aquarium when Uncle Brett, Aunt Courtney, Uncle Pook and Patrick were visiting!  The boys LOVED it!  

A picture like this one kills me...just lounging watching Cars with his crossed feet :)

Story behind this pic: Jason sent this to me one Saturday.  Him and Grayson decided to go to the mall...with his truck.  Hilarious.  He drove around the mall in that thing.  Dad's are the best.  

He could not be more obsessed with trucks.  "Rooooommm!" (His vroom!)

Very upset when they called adult swim

Went to this thing called "Toddler Tickles" at Bookmarks.  They sing songs, do nursery rhymes, read books...Grayson wasn't too sure about it all obviously :)

Loves playing with this pug of ours!

Bathtime with cousin Charley...they will hate us one day for this

Morning milk and cartoons

First Happy Meal-liked my smoothie more than anything else

Gotta love a little baby booty

First boo boo-one of many I'm sure

I will miss his crazy man hair when he wakes up!! :(

Bathtime with Patrick!  

So cute.  Love this pic!

Adult night out at Hotel Zaza


Dallas Museum of Art-free and so much fun for the kids!

Loves driving Daddy's new car

First Band-Aid...Lightning McQueen of course

So dang cute.  

Perot Museum when Grandma O came to town!

Grandma got him a tricycle!

He looks so big to me here....sitting by himself before bed!

Before the haircut!

NOT happy

Bringing out the bubbles....

Two cars, bubbles, TV...anything to keep him happy the lollipop



He picked out these boots all by himself