Friday, January 25, 2013

12 month update

Wanted to update with his stats from his 12 month appointment!  Grayson was 32 inches tall (98th Percentile) and 24lbs 8oz (88th%).  Head circumference was 47.5 (84%).  Not sure what the point in the head circumference is, but they seem to find it I'll add it in. :)

He did great at his doctor's appointment.  He is obviously a big boy, but he always has been.  He grew a whole three inches since his 9 month appointment!  Hopefully he gets his dad's height and not mine!  Looking like he's good in that department.

We went over several things at the appointment.  I was told that it is now time to get rid of the bottle.  Sad day.  This is literally the only time that I can get him to sit with me anymore.  He squirms out in about 2 seconds otherwise.  He LOVES his bottles this might be a battle.  She wants to me stop cold turkey.  That's not going to happen.  First of all, I feel as though he will be starving.  If he's used to having 24 ounces of milk a day and then all the sudden it's gone, then what?  Cranky baby.  No thanks.  We're going to just slowly fade them out.  I like my pediatrician, but he ways are a little hardcore.  Not for me.  Sooo I basically just nod my head then leave the appointment and do what I want.

 She also told me not to give him his own food and he should be eating what I eat.  Hmm...nope.  Grayson gets a lot healthier food than I do!  Plus, he eats dinner at like 5:30, while we eat around 8.  Pretty sure he's gonna get his own food.  She also said I shouldn't be giving him baby food anymore, but he won't eat veggies unless they're out of the pouches that you suck pouches it is.  Dr. Rogers will just have to get over it.  (Well, technically I just don't tell her...she thinks he's done ha).  I figure he won't be going to high school eating veggie pouches, so whatever.

I also chose at this appointment to delay his MMR vaccination.  I have done tons and tons of research on it, and am well aware that there is no research that says that this vaccination causes autism.  We learned a lot about the autism spectrum throughout my time in the School of Education as well.  I know in my mind that this vaccine is not the cause....BUT...I have also read way way way too many accounts from actual mothers that say that one day they have a healthy happy child who gives them hugs and kisses, they go get this shot, and a week later they have a different child.  Scares me to death.  I am NOT saying that I am not going to vaccinate him.  He has had all of his other vaccinations on schedule.   This is the one that freaks me out, and on the .000000001% chance that this could actually be the cause....well we'll just wait.  He's not in day care, and really isn't around other children like ever.  Kindermusik and occasionally at the park.  Even then he prefers to hang by me and the dogs :)  I will probably do the MMR at the 18 month appointment, depending on when I decide to put him in Mother's Day Out.  We'll see. :)

These have nothing to do with anything, I just like bath pics :)

OH!  BIG NEWS!!  Grayson actually said something and meant it!  This morning I was sitting on the couch and he was on the floor playing with his toys.  He went and grabbed his doggie blanket (the one he sleeps with), brought it over to me and said "nigh nigh nigh."  I just stared at him in disbelief, because it was about his nap time and he looked tired.  I said, "Grayson do you want to go night night?" (I always call bedtime night night).  We went into his room, and sat down in his glider to read a book.  I was about halfway through when he threw the book on the floor, turned around and immediately closed his eyes laying on my chest.  WHAT!  This is the kid that doesn't sleep!!  So, I definitely think he actually meant that he wanted to go night night!  Usually he freaks out at nap time, and cries himself to sleep.  Genius baby if you ask me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grayson's first Christmas

We spent Christmas up in KC with our families.  I love being home this time of year, and we are so lucky that our families live so close together so we can spend it with both of them.  We got a white Christmas too, so yea!

We had the Kruger family Christmas at Jason's parents house the Sunday before Christmas.  There were about 50 of us there, so that was pretty fun.  Santa came and everything!  Once again, Grayson freaked out when he saw him.  Maybe next year :)  We spent Christmas Eve with my family, then spent the night at O'Bryan's and spent Christmas morning with them.  We then headed off to Topeka for the Gray family Christmas.  We spent approximately 2 hours there, then Grayson came down with the flu.  Horrible!  I felt so bad for the little guy.  Not a fun way to spend your Christmas that's for sure!  Grayson got lots of fun new toys, and had so much fun spending time with his cousins!

Pics from Christmas:

Christmas morning, me looking awesome

Max and William

 So excited!!

Lovin on Saki

Accident waiting to happen

O'Bryan cousins

LOVES his new drum!

Gray family Christmas-Grayson and Sam (about 2 months apart, so fun!)

Kruger family Christmas-Santa!!

Santa and the girls-Ryane and Charley-so cute :)

Kruger cousins!  

One day he'll be excited to take a picture with Grayson I swear

I think Grayson's favorite toy ever-climbed in and out of this the whole trip

We have a one year old!

I absolutely cannot believe that it has been a whole year since Grayson was born.  Time has flown, but in the best way!  We have enjoyed every minute of our little baby...but he definitely is not a baby anymore!  We officially have a toddler.  Grayson is walking more than crawling now, and can definitely make it all the way across the house without falling.  He is saying "dada" and "mama" but not necessarily in context.  Sometimes I think he is, but I'm really not sure.  He's obsessed with Jason right now and FREAKS OUT if he leaves the room.  He is eating just about anything now, and has officially tried a donut (on the morning of his birthday) a cupcake, cake, ice cream...and will have many more now that he's a big boy. :)  I am completely obsessed with this child and love every minute of being his mommy!!

We celebrated Grayson's birthday up in Kansas City with our families and close friends.  I know we won't be able to do this every year, but it was a great way to celebrate his first!  He had a Mickey Mouse themed party, and I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Kudos to Pinterest!

Grayson's 12 month stats:

-Sleeping:  Bed around 7 wake around 6.  All the sudden he's been waking up at like 4...not cool little man.  I usually let him cry a few minutes and he goes back to sleep.  When he wakes at 6ish he's STARVING and attacks his bottle, so that'll be interesting now that he's going to have to stop the bottle :)  Naps: 2.  One around 9:30-10 and another around 2:30-3.  Not sure how we're going to drop the early nap, he needs it bad since he wakes up so early.

Eating: 3-4 bottles a day still....I've started putting one of his feedings as whole milk, which he takes just fine.  We have our doctor appointment tomorrow to find out the best way to wean him.  He has breakfast, lunch, and dinner...eating just about anything, but very picky.  Hates meat except hot dogs or chicken nuggets...go figure.

Clothes: 12-24 month depending on the brand.

Milestones: Walking!  Crawling and climbing on everything!  Took his first trip out of the country (post to come on that vacay).  Started screaming when he wants something, so that's fun.

Loves: Kindermusik, the dogs, Jason, his little doggie blankie (we just recently bought 2 more in case we lose this one...he's very attached), his ball pit, tunnel, popper, Riley's dog cage (goes in and out in and out)

Height and Weight: Not sure, appointment tomorrow

Here are some pics from Grayson's birthday party!  (Warning: picture overload).

Balloon Wreath.  Yes, I made it..pat on the back

Clarabelle's Cupcakes

Chip 'n' Dale's Chip 'n' Dip

I used a Mickey shaped cookie cutter to cut the sandwiches, they were super cute
Mickey's CLUBhouse Sandwiches

Pluto's Pasta Salad

Kisses from Grayson :)

 Minnie's Marshamallow Munchies (same cookie cutter)

Smash Cake!

Blue eyed baby doll


Didn't really smash...kinda just was tasting the icing.  The night before (on his actual birthday) I gave him a cupcake and he tore into it!  Of course not for the party haha

We had such a great birthday for him, and lots of memories (for us at least).  Special thanks to my parents for all the help with the party!