Monday, November 4, 2013

O'Bryan Update

We have been so busy around here lately.  A lot is happening, and it's happening fast!  So our plan all along was to rent this house in Dallas for a year (until next May) and either build or buy a house up in Frisco to move into at the end of May 2014.  We found a realtor, and took a few tours around Frisco to look at different builders and pre-owned to see what we wanted to do.  If we were going to build, we would need to break ground in November in order for it to be completed by May.

After looking, we found that the inventory on pre-owned homes was small.  One of our requirements for our future home is to have a good sized lot where there is plenty of room for kids/dogs to play.  Apparently that is extremely rare nowadays.  All of the homes we were looking at had TINY backyards.  Like, literally a strip of grass that is about five feet in length from the back door.  So our realtor basically showed us every house that had a decent lot (which was about 6) and we weren't thrilled with what we were finding.  Grayson and I went up to Frisco by ourselves to meet with the realtor on a weekday and we toured some builders spec homes....and I fell in LOVE with one.  It was about 75% finished, but I didn't think it was an option for us since we needed a home in May, not now. Fast forward a week, and Jason came up with me and toured the same house.  We were obsessed.  It's absolutely gorgeous, and beyond our expectations of our dream home.

After a fight with our landlord, we are now breaking our lease early and closing on the house on December 20!  Nothing like cutting it close to Christmas or anything. :)  We will be out of our Dallas home by January 1.  Plan is to sign the home papers, move some boxes up there, head to KC for Christmas, then come back and have movers move all of our big stuff between Christmas and New Years.  I will be sad to leave Dallas, but not too sad because I'm so excited about our house!  We met last week to pick our lighting, carpet, tile, counters, etc.  So fun.

It's going to be a crazy next month and a half, because we have about 50 days til we're out, and have to move.  Again.  Time to start packing!

So that this post isn't too boring, here's some updated photos:

The park next to our house had an awesome Fall party.  They had a huge bouncy house, train rides, petting fun!

He LOVES watching the basketball players at the gym!

On our last flight back to KC-this was his first flight where he actually understood that we were getting on an airplane...he was pretty pumped

Definitely loves the farm-fed the horses carrots daily!

At Wonderscope in KC-great little children's museum!

Brett left to go back to work-watching him drive away

At the pumpkin patch in Gardner with GG

Late Night 2013


Perot Museum

Who can resist a baby in a smock?!

Happy boy after nap!

He insists on sleeping sideways....poor little guy doesn't fit very well anymore!

Little Gym Halloween party!  Loved this slide :)

State Fair-the kids had so much fun.  Stayed until 9:45pm!

Dancing with Daddy-we represented KU well that night :)

Auto Show at the fair-pretty sure he would have stayed in there all night if we let him!

Family Photos

About a month ago, when my brothers were here visiting, we had some family photos taken!  I wanted to get some of all of us to give my parents for their 60th birthdays.  It was early and extremely hot.  End of August in Dallas is not the best time to do photos...but this was the only time we could do it, so we went for it!  We got some cute ones, and my parents love the photos.  Grayson was not feelin the photo shoot AT ALL.  I think we probably were able to get about 3 with him smiling.  It was one of those days.  What can you do!   Here's some from our shoot: