Thursday, January 16, 2014

Halloween 2013

This is out of order with our Christmas post, but what can you do?  Way behind on my posts!  Grayson was not a fan of Halloween this year.  He was a lion.  He hated it.  I even went and showed him some different costumes to see if there was a better option and he was not feeling it.  Therefore, I made him be a lion.  He had a Little Gym Halloween party where he kept his costume on for about 5 minutes.  He looked cute for those five minutes though so what can you do.

Saying "OFF!"

He loved this slide...the workers spun them all the way down....pretty fun!

So then the day before Halloween we carved pumpkins.  Oh man.  Not good.  I honestly thought he would love it.  I was totally and completely wrong.  He saw the inside of the pumpkin and started gagging.  He kept saying "Blech!"  He then ran away down the street.  Jason ran after him while I kept scooping out the pumpkin goo.  When he returned he gagged again and proceeded to throw up.  I was dying laughing...sorry buddy but it was funny.  Why it grossed him out so much is beyond me!  So ya, my great ideas of pumpkin carving as a family were shot down by his puking.  

Feeling queasy

All better afterwards :)

Fast forward to Halloween evening.  Grayson gets dressed in his costume (huge battle) I try to draw on a nose and whiskers, he smears the black all over his face.  I wash it off.  I paint it back on about a minute before trick or treating...he smears it all over again.  He refuses to keep his headpiece on, so he looks more like a homeless bear than a lion.  

Hopefully next Halloween will go better than this year!  It was still fun even though he wasn't a huge fan :)

This is what the evening looked like....

Christmas 2013

We had such a great Christmas this year!  It was craziness with our move and all, but we made it work. Good thing Jason and I are both so laid back (middle children) otherwise we might have been a little stressed out this holiday season! :)  We closed on our new house on December 20, then moved a bunch of boxes up there ourselves that afternoon, then headed to KC the next morning at 5am.  We were in KC until the 27th, then headed back to TX to move on the 28th with the movers.  Busy busy!

Not much to say about Christmas other than it was fabulous.  Love spending time with family and friends.  Here's our Christmas photos!