Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grayson's 2!

Grayson is busy busy busy these days....hence why I am just now updating the blog and writing his 2 year old post!!   I used to always update during his naps, but now all I want to do is relax.  Eat lunch.  Possibly read?  (mainly just watch Real Housewives...)

His birthday was really toned down this year.  We had just moved into our new house, so doing a party was out of the question.  My mom was in town, so we went to CooCoos (a bouncy house place) with Charley and then did presents and cupcakes at home.  Works for me!  He had a great time so that's all that matters.

Grayson's milestones right now:

Weight: 29.6 lbs (65%) He's really leaned out!  Probably because he's always in motion

Height: 35 1/2 (80th Percentile)

He is so fun, and so exhausting at the same time.  Everything is "No Mama!" because he wants to do everything on his own.  He still loves sitting in his high chair, which surprises me.  He has a little Lightning McQueen table but he prefers to sit in his high chair.  Talking A LOT more, and stringing sentences together now.  Still hard to understand a lot of the time, but I'm figuring out a lot of his "Grayson-isms" and know what he's saying most of the time.  :)

*Says "I Do!" instead of I love you.  Cutest.  thing.  ever.  Example: I'll say "I love you Grayson" and he'll reply back with "I do mama!"  Precious.  He will also lay in his crib and go through a list of everyone..."I do mama" "I do daddy" "I do GG" "I do Paw" "I do truck" (yes truck makes the list)

*Still completely obsessed with trucks.  That's basically all he plays with.

*Any workers (firemen, construction workers, waiters, etc) are called me-me's. we don't know why...

*When he wants to just hang out with his daddy he'll tell me "Bye mama!"  This happens often-he's obsessed with Jason.  Mom gets boring all day :)

*Loves books, but must have a truck in the book somewhere...or not interested.

*Favorite shows: Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies

*Got a t-ball set from Daddy for Valentines Day, will hit it off the T, pretty cute.

*Obsessed with the iPad. (He calls it the pa-pa). Works it like a pro

*Has a psycho obsession with socks. Like they always have to be on his feet.  He also gets very upset if we aren't wearing socks and he goes to our room and gets some for us. Also HATES anyone touching his feet.  Don't ask. Not looking forward to summer...he may wear socks in the pool. :)

*Loves learning-knows a lot of his letters, all of his colors (the main ones that is), and knows his numbers 1-10.  He won't count to 10 but he'll identify all of them.  When I tell him to count he says  1,2,1,2,1,2!  Close enough bud. :)

*Still loves Little Gym-can do a forward roll on his own now

*Does head stands in his crib

*Loves his soccer ball-will kick it back and forth with you for quite awhile!

*Still loves pushing toys--like his popper or his walker...toys I thought he would grow out of forever ago, he still loves playing with.  Mainly because it involves running.

*About the crib-he will stay in there as long as he'll stay...he loves it, so no big boy bed anywhere on the horizon, which is fine by me.  He is a very active little guy, so I know he'll be all over his room when he has free reign.

*Favorite food-pizza.  Still loves fruit, hates veggies.

*Adjusted extremely well to the new house-loves his playroom.

*Has an opinion about everything.  The other night we got home and you could see stars.  Jason was holding him and I was talking to him about the stars while he just stared...eventually he told me "Shhh mama!" Apparently he didn't want me talking.

Alright that's all!  Here's some new photos!

Grayson and Charley at CooCoo's on his 2nd birthday.  They were OBSESSED with this train!

Very upset he had to get off the choo choo

We baked our own birthday cupcakes.  He loves helping me bake, so figured that would be more fun for him than just buying them!


Popping Daddy's back for him :)

 Playing in his new rice table from GG and Paw

Painting at the Perot Museum

He also got a new shower curtain :)  Very proud

His city landscape from Aunt JoJo

At the Heard Museum...loved all the dinosaurs!

Driving a semi truck game at Mr. Gatti's

He has his own rules when it comes to ski ball 

After church one day we found an abandoned digger....best day ever!!

His time out spot.  He will go there on command...

Practicing his forward roll

Lunch at the legacy shops!

He's two now....this happens often

Gave it a shot...not interested.  We'll try again when he is, I'm not gonna push it!

His BFF Charley

A truck on a truck=mind blown!

Loves matching shapes

Getting so big!! :(

Helping daddy find a stud to hang a mirror :)

My little monkey

Showing off his Valentines Day card he made for Daddy.  

He picked out this outfit all on his own-wore his blazer all day.  

Yeah it's March...he's wearing a Halloween shirt :)

I'll try to update with some photos of our new house next.  I've had a lot of people asking for them, so hopefully it'll come sometime in the next month! :)