Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We spent Thanksgiving in Kansas City with our families this year (just like every year).  Grayson and I flew back a couple days before Jason for one of my friends baby showers.  Let me tell you-flying with a 10 month old is very different than flying with a little baby.  Little man was B-U-S-Y.  Plus, it took me forever to check my bags, so we had a middle seat.  Ugh.  Horrible.  Luckily I had a very nice man next to me that had kids and was very helpful.  Grayson spit up twice, all over me....which he really barely ever does anymore, so that just figures.

We made it, and had a great week with family and friends!  Highlights: Brandy's baby shower (baby Davis is due in January!), KU game at the Sprint Center, park and lunches with my brothers and nephew, turkey (huge, my dad got a 20 pounder), Breaking Dawn (totally forgot the story since I read the book 4 years ago...good stuff), O'Dowds.  Grayson was a rockstar and braved the mall on Black Friday.

Another weird move by Grayson: two of the nights we were there, he decided to go to sleep for the night at 4:00pm.  What?!  The first time he did it, we had been hanging with Patrick at the park in Prairie Village, then walked up to the shops for lunch.  Lots of fresh air that day, so I think it made him extra sleepy.  When we got home, we went up to ClineWood so that some of Jason's co-workers could see his nap time was delayed.  I figured I'd put him down at 4 and he could just go to bed around 8ish instead of 7.  Yea, well he didn't wake up until 5:45am.  So weird.  He's never done that before.  Next time he did it was on Black Friday when we were out shopping a lot that day....even still. He slept til almost 6am that night.  That was a little rough on me and Jason since we didn't get home til 4am after going out with friends.  2 hours of sleep just doesn't cut it :)  This week he's been sleeping in a bit later and waking up around 7:30-7:45.  I would LOVE if that stayed (instead of his normal 6-6:30 wakeup call)!

Pics from our trip:

Loves his daddy

Cracks me up-Patrick's side eye

I mean really...that face is just too much

Walking with his new walker-he gets going pretty quick!!

Puggy BFF's

Tried to take the iPhone away...didn't go over well

Love that my mom is cracking up at Patrick's breakdown

Much happier! :)

Getting his first Christmas tree!  Next year we'll go to an actual farm, but right now he has no clue what's going Home Depot it is :)

Not sure about the tree shakers.  Kinda loud

And yes...he has no shoes on in the tree picture.  Don't judge-it was 78 degrees. 

OH!  Also-Grayson took 7 steps all by himself!  November 27, 2012!  Of course, we haven't seen any since, but he'll get there.  He will walk around anything as long as he has something to hold on to.  When he took his steps, we were playing the "chase" game and he got so excited with his walker he just let go and started walking towards me.  I about died.  So big!!

Swear I'll get some O'Bryan family pictures over Christmas.  Probably overload of them actually since alllll of the cousins will be there!  Gonna be crazy :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So, I have said in past posts that Grayson has started liking to take his clothes off.  We don't know why he does this...possibly a future streaker.

Exhibit A:

Most of the time he doesn't get them all the way off, so I find him in this state. I put him down for a nap like any other day.  I was on the phone with my brother, and knew he wasn't quite asleep yet.  After I got off the phone, I glanced at the monitor to see what he was doing and lo and behold I see a bare butt staring back at me.  He likes to lay with his knees tucked under him and his butt up in the air.  I thought I might somehow be seeing this wrong, but it was definitely his little hiney sticking up in the diaper.  Pretty sure both of those things were on when I left him.  

I then run into the nursery to try to get there before he pees all over his bed.  Too late.  I turn on his lamp to find him naked from the waist down.  He had thrown his diaper out of his bed, and it was laying in a poopy mess on the floor.  His bed had poop everywhere.  He had a huge smile on his face.  I'm sure in his mind he was all "Look Mommy, I took care of my poopy diaper for you!"  

Of course I just have to laugh because why wouldn't you throw your stinky diaper out of your crib?!  I sure would.  :)

Ohhh Grayson....keeps us on our toes, this one!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

10 months

Grayson turned 10 months old on November 4.  Is it seriously November already?!  Grayson is changing more and more each day.  This last month was pretty uneventful as far as new and fun things he's doing....he will wave and clap and reaches out and points to where he wants to go/what he wants to do.  He whines.   A lot.  I hate that he can't just say what he wants! :)  He makes it pretty clear, and I can figure it out quickly, but the whining gets a little old!  No offense buddy.

He crawls like a champ and gets around the house REALLY fast!  He can walk around the table really quickly too.  He's getting more and more comfortable with his walking.  He does really well walking with us holding his hands.  I think it's just a matter of when he starts feeling comfortable to do it on his own.  Who knows when that'll happen!  

Grayson's Stats:

Height/Weight:  Not sure

Clothes:  Wears mainly 12-18 month clothes.  Wearing 12 and 18 month jammies.  The 12 are getting pretty snug :)  

Shoes: Size 3

Diaper: Size 3

Teeth: 2 (bottom middle) and they are SHARP!  Watch out if he bites you, it hurts

Obsessed with electrical sockets.  Tries to stick anything he's playing with in them.  (I have covers, don't worry)

Loves playing with anything that isn't a toy (i.e. spoons, Jason's aluminum beer bottles..don't judge us haha....pens, shoelaces, get the idea)

Started brushing his teeth, he opens his mouth when I bring the toothbrush over, it's pretty cute :)

Pulls off his socks or shoes every time I put them on him.  I am raising a hippie.  My fault since I never put shoes on him :)  Now he doesn't like it!

Sleeps about 11 hours a night.  Naps are up in the air.  Sometimes it's 20 minutes, sometimes it's 2 hours.  Random baby.  Makes it really easy to get stuff done let me tell ya!

Went Trick or Treating this month for his first Halloween.  Cutest monster I've ever seen!

Pictures from Grayson's 10th month!

Pancakes at Our Place 

He is scared to death of that hippo to his left.  It's actually scoots across the floor if you push its back, he comes crawling over to me as fast as he can when I make it go...makes me laugh :)

So over dinner

Love this!  His passport!  

Just hangin with my friends

Here's his fav toy the beer bottle that I mentioned earlier :)


His new thing: taking his clothes off in bed

 Grayson voted!  


Sometimes he eats the toys instead of playing them