Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day

Jason had his first Father's Day last weekend!   I didn't post anything about Mother's Day...oops.  Basically to recap Mother's Day real quick:  we went to church, had to leave early because Grayson was too busy talking to listen to the sermon.  We then went into Ft. Worth and had brunch at the Reata (where we opened our card finding out if Grayson was a girl or a boy) then we shopped around at the University shops and this mama got some stuff at Lululemon!  yea!

Okay, now back to Father's Day.  Jason had a bunch of stuff he had to get done at work, so he headed into the office really early.  We were planning on going out to breakfast, but Grayson's schedule didn't allow us to do that. :(  Jason's Father's Day breakfast ended up being McDonald's.  But really....McDonald's breakfast is pretty good.  No complaints here!  Then after Grayson had a nap, we went to Lifetime and Grayson went to the infant room and we went and spent some lazy time by the pool.  Yes, Grayson was in the childcare center on Father's Day.  It was super relaxing though and we had a great time just spending some one on one time (which we basically get never nowadays!)  Grayson got his daddy a framed picture for his office, which I think turned out really cute.  It's a horizontal three picture frame with these pictures in it:

It says Dad.  Sometimes it takes a minute to figure that one out.  Thanks to Pintrest for the cute idea, I think Jason really liked it!  Grayson got really dressed up in his tuxedo onesie for the photo shoot.  The tuxedo says he's fancy, but the hair says he's still ready to party.  
Happy Father's Day to the best husband and father I could ever ask for!  Grayson loves you to pieces, and my favorite thing in the world is to watch his face light up when he sees his daddy.  We love you!!

Water Baby

Grayson has been LOVING the swimming pool this summer!  We have our neighborhood pool right across the street from our house, so it's really convenient for us to head over there with little man.  If he gets fussy, we're just a short walk away from home.  :)

We got him a whole swimming get up, along with his own boat to float in.  Unfortunately, he's still a little bit small for his boat...we have to hold him up in it, otherwise he goes too low and he tries to put his face in the water.  He's a huge fan of bathtime, so I knew he'd like the pool!

Here's some pics from our first pool trip:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Five Months!

Grayson is five months old!  So big!  He is getting to be so much fun!  I love seeing his little personality shine more and more each day.  He definitely is his daddy-he's got my blue eyes, that's about it.  I love when Jason is holding him, they look so much alike!  He can roll over, and basically won't ever stay on his back anymore (unless you put on Mickey Mouse's his fav).  He's so cute when you put on that show-his face lights up and he gets so excited.  When he's super excited about something, he does this little shake, almost like a shiver goes through him and then he squeals.  Pretty cute if you ask me.

Here's some five month info:

Weight: Not on a doctor scale, but when I weighed him with me he was about 17 lbs!

Height: Don't know-tall

Hair: a light brown color-mainly growing in the middle...definitely rocks the faux hawk

Started rolling at about 4 1/2 months regularly

Laughs all the time, loves giving everyone big old gummy smiles

No teeth as of yet, but drools alllll the time

LOVES his dogs-gets so excited when Bailey and Riley are around him, he thinks they are just hilarious

Wears a variety of sized clothes-mainly 6 month stuff, but can still fit into some 3-6 month, and can wear some 9 month, depending on the brand.  Wears 6 month Jammies (he probably could wear 9 month jammies if I tried them on...he's REALLY long people...and he may or may not have a buddha belly)

We went to the pool for the first time: he loved it!  He loves his bathtime, so I figured he would like the pool

Still hates his paci, but will stick his whole hand in his mouth

Eats about 6 or 7 oz per feeding every few hours.  Only nurses at his morning and evening feedings now

Sleeps from around 8:30 or 9 until anywhere from 5-8...he's unpredictable :)  Nice thing is, when he wakes up, he eats then goes right back to sleep for 2 more hours.

Naps:  About 4 a day.  This is very unpredictable too-never know how long he'll sleep.  Sometimes it's 20 minutes, sometimes it's 3 hours (that's rare).  He has an early morning nap, then late morning.  Then early afternoon, then late afternoon.  Basically he's awake for 2-3 hours, then needs to go back to sleep!

Had his first babysitters, Peyton and Parker, on May 15 when we went to the Byron Nelson Golf Tourney for the day

I am currently watching him on his video monitor talking and looking around...and Bailey just walked in and put her paws up on his crib.  Good work B.

Loves his toys, especially his Sophie giraffe, his crinkly dog book, and his rings.  EVERYTHING goes in his mouth

Had rice cereal for the first time on June 2-he was NOT a fan.  See pic:

At his baptism, pretty pumped about it really...

They even have the same expression on their face!

First time testing out the high chair-he looks pretty proud of himself

Dinner at the Keg-doesn't he looked super excited to be there??


Hanging out with cousin Patrick in KC

Loves his daddy!

Before our 4 year anniversary dinner

At Tripp's 1st birthday party

Doesn't sit still for long!

Cannot express how obsessed I am with this little boy!!  Love you Grayson, happy 5 months!!

Baptism Day!

Grayson had his baptism in Overland Park on May 27!  We went back to have it done at my home church, Church of the Resurrection.  We decided it would be better to just do it up there so that everyone didn't need to travel all the way down to Texas!  Worked out great.  He looked super cute, and did not I was happy! :)  He got a little fussy during the service (it was right during his naptime) so Jason took him out for a little bit, and he fell sound asleep.  When we brought him up to the stage, he was OUT.  He was still sleeping when we handed him to the pastor.  He definitely woke up when she started putting water on his head!  It was pretty cute really.  He was then up for the rest of the service, and in a GREAT mood!  Smiling at everyone and having a fabulous time.   Of course, I left our camera in the car.  I also forgot to put shoes on Grayson....Mom of the year right here :)

After the baptism, we had a brunch for everyone at the O'Bryan's house.  It was nice and easy-picked up Gates BBQ, and had a good time with friends and family.  Grayson stayed awake pretty much the whole time, which was nice because a lot of people hadn't met him yet.  We love heading back to KC to see everyone and had a great time!