Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Easter Bunny visit!

We decided this past weekend that Grayson needed to go visit the Easter Bunny.  I am huge on starting traditions with our kids, and seeing the Easter Bunny and Santa are going to be part of it!  Yes, he's way too small to remember going...but it's more for us than him anyways at this point :)  Grandma O was in town, so we thought it would be fun to go while she was here.  I wanted to go to Northpark mall in Dallas instead of the mall by us.  The one by us can be pretty sketch on the weekends, so off to Dallas it is!  I get Grayson all cute in an outfit, get to the mall....NO BUNNY!   Well, I take that back.  There were several bunnies.  Real live bunnies.  Excuse me?  Who wants a 2 month old in a picture with a real live bunny?  That's not the Easter Bunny, that's just from a pet store!  I was extremely disappointed and refused to spend $40 on a pic with a live bunny.  I can do that in our front yard.  So we went home.  Decided to try again Sunday.  I just figured we could try our mall, and the line was actually short and it worked out just fine!  The bunny had a dress on, but I can live with that :)  Grayson basically slept the whole time until the bunnies whiskers kept poking him in the face.  It was cute, and we got our pictures, so I'm happy!  

This Easter, we are going down to San Antonio to spend it with cousins Max, Will, and Ryane!  Aunt Jordyn will be flying in from Colorado too, so it should be a fun time.  I've ordered Grayson's Easter basket, and am still working on an outfit.  I've found a billion girls outfits for Easter..the boys outfits look stupid.  I've found a hat so far....better keep looking!

Take one of trying to see the bunny

Take two: found the bunny!

West Plains

A couple of weekends ago, we headed to West Plains, Missouri for Grayson to meet Papaw and Marianna!  It worked out so that I drove there from KC with my mom and we spent the week there.  Jason came and met us on Thursday along with Brett, Courtney, and Patrick.  We had such a great week, and it was so fun for Grayson to spend time with his great grandparents!  We had a lot of relaxation time, and Grayson slept from 10 to about 7:30 the next morning while we were there.  That was a new record for him, I was pretty impressed.  Country air does wonders on a baby :)  While we were there, mom and I stayed at the cabin for a few days.  I got to ride Dude (Papaw's horse) for a little bit.  I love riding horses-would love to take him out of the little field next time I'm there and really ride!  I am hoping that we will make it back really soon.  It was really fun to spend some real time with Patrick too!  He is the funniest little kid.

March Madness was going on while there.  Most notable game: MU losing!  Not gonna lie, one of the highlights of the tournament.  Especially since they already made road to the final four tshirts.  Really funny.  On an even better note:  KU IS IN THE FINAL FOUR!!  We beat North Carolina on Sunday, and I could not be more excited.  Grayson and I are heading up to KC tomorrow for the finals!  Yes, I know they are in New Orleans.  BUT, second best place to watch the games is Lawrence KS!  No, Grayson is not invited to watch them with me in Lawrence.  He will be staying with the Grandma's while I enjoy a day off!  This will be my first night away however, so we will see how that goes :)

Here are some pics from our trip to West Plains:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Two Months Old!

Grayson is getting to be such a big boy!  Literally :)  He's grown so much in the last month it's crazy!  Little man had his 2 month well check today.  Everything went great-doctor said he's as healthy as can be!  He had two shots today, and it absolutely breaks my heart.  His little face just crumples, then the silent cry, then a bloodcurling scream.  This time the scream didn't stop for awhile.  I finally got him to take his bottle, and he calmed down.  Poor thing.  He's been sleeping every since...traumatic experience!!  Here are his 2 month stats:

Weight: 11 pounds 10 oz.  (49th percentile)
Height: 24 inches (85th percentile)
Head circumference: 40 cm (50th percentile)
Wearing 0-3 month sleepers, Newborn and 0-3 month clothing
Graduated out of the Newborn diapers and onto size 1!

I would like to note that he grew THREE INCHES in the last month.  WHAT?!  No wonder all of his newborn sleepers are too short!  Dr. Rogers said he's tall and skinny....somewhat like his daddy :)  He's definitely getting a little tummy on him though!  (Grayson that is...not daddy haha).

He has been getting so fun lately!  He smiles a lot, and will really react and smile back at you when he thinks you're being funny.  He's at his best in the mornings, so that's when you'll get the best smiles.  He decided it was party time at 6:00 this morning...smiling away!  Hard to not want to get up and play with him when he's doing that!

He's growing his hair back in that fell out after he was born.  The top of his head is all peach fuzz now, and it looks like it's coming in a light brown color.  The back of his head still has his "old man ring" around the bottom.

He's discovering his hands, and knows how to swing them around to hit your hand out of the way if you're doing something he doesn't like (ex: cleaning his eye goober out, suctioning out his nose, etc).

He coos and talks all the time.  He also is letting out these yells instead of crying.  He still cries, but these happen more when he just wants to get your attention.  It's pretty cute.

Alright, that's his 2 month update!

The dogs like hanging near Grayson :)

Yes Bailey's head is on my head.  She stayed like that for awhile

Chillin on the couch like a big boy