Wednesday, February 29, 2012

KC Trip

On February 15, we headed back to KC for Patricks first birthday party and to visit family and friends for a long weekend.  Jason was supposed to fly back with me and Grayson, but last minute had to stay in TX a few extra days for work.  That meant I was flying solo with a 6 week old!  Luckily, he was an awesome flyer :)  We had an early morning flight, so we got to the airport early.  I was armed with plenty of bottles made up and pacifiers!  He was fussy til I got him to the gate to feed him....and he proceeded to spit up the largest amount EVER.  Awesome.  I'm sure everyone around me was thrilled I was on their flight.  Anyway, we got on the plane and he checked out his surroundings for awhile, then fell asleep!  Perfect baby :)

We had an awesome time in KC!  It was so fun for everyone to meet Grayson.  We had some issues sleeping the first couple of nights (must have been missing his daddy).  He has been sleeping in a little bassinet/sling deal that we borrowed from my cousin at home...and when we got to KC, the pack and play was NOT going to cut it.  He freaked out til about 3am when I finally let him sleep on my chest.  Ugh.  I went out the next day and bought the same one we have at home haha.  We're trying to transition him into a crib, but it's not working too well right now.  He wakes up within about 10 minutes realizing he's in a huge space and starts crying.  So we are practicing sleeping in his crib during naptimes during the day.  Any moms out there with suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!  

Here are some pics from KC:
Meeting Aunt Jordyn 

Patrick's first birthday party

We also had a visit this past weekend from cousin Ryane!  It was so cute to have the babies together, and get pictures of them when they are little.  They are only 4 days apart!  Grayson is a lot bigger than Ryane though haha.

Grayson has his 2 month checkup on Monday, so I will update his stats and stuff then!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

One Month

How this little guy is already one month old is beyond me!  He is changing and growing so much each day it's amazing.  He's finally gaining weight (yeah!).  We were going back to the doctor each week there for the first fun!  At first it was because of the jaundice, then it was because he hadn't gotten back up to his birth weight.  But he is now, so good work buddy!  Here are his one month stats:

Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz.
Height: 21"
Head circumference: Don't remember what they said :)

He's 25th percentile in all three categories.  He is starting to outgrow some of his little teeny newborn clothes...they look like muscle t's now.  His 0-3 month clothing is still wayyy too big.  I've been looking for some little outfits out that will fit him, and they are all huge.  Basically the only things that fit are his little footed jammies.  That's okay, he'll be in big boy clothes before I know it!

We gave him his first bath the other night (well, real bath...he's been having washcloth baths until now).  He LOVED it!  He seemed so relaxed and happy in his little tub.  So cute.  He loves music.  When I put on a playlist on the computer or from my ipod, it usually quiets him down.  He seems to like rap quite a bit too.  Was crying HARD in the car the other day, and a Lil Wayne song came on and he quieted down.  Little gangsta baby!

He's still only sleeping about 2-3 hours at a time at night.  Not my favorite thing.  Mommy is sleepy!!  He seems to be going through a growth spurt right now because he's STARVING all the time.  He'll nurse for 30 min, then take 3 or 4 oz of bottle.  Crazy.  He's gonna be like 15 pounds at his 2 month well check haha.  During the daytime he hardly sleeps at all.  Someone needs to remind him he's a newborn.  He gets bored easily, and is not a fan of tummy time.

Here are some pic updates!
Our first walk!

 KU baby


We head to KC next week, so I'm pretty excited for everyone to meet him!  His Aunt Carrie is coming to visit this weekend, so he's been pretty pumped about that as well :)  Alright, blogging time is over, crying baby!!