Monday, December 17, 2012

First Santa Visit

I was super excited to bring Grayson to see Santa this year.  Jason and I always go into Dallas to go shopping, and my favorite time is around Christmas.  The Santa at NorthPark is by far the best one I've seen over the years, and I always said that we would bring our baby there whenever he/she came!   We had to get it done this weekend because we leave for KC this week.  Saturday we got Grayson all ready and headed into Dallas.  We walk into the mall, and the guy at the Santa place tells us we have to take a number and our number would be called around 7pm and to come back was noon.  What?!  I don't think he was aware that we drove half an hour to get there and that an 11 month old is not going to last at the mall for 7 hours.  I was so disappointed.  I thought about bringing him over to the Galleria, but figured that would be just as bad if not worse.  Soo...we walked around and did some shopping and just gave in to the fact we would have to bring him to the mall by our house...boooo.  As we were walking towards the entrance where we parked, we walked back by Santa and heard them call a number that was AFTER ours.  Excuse me?  It was like 3pm at that point, not 7!  So it ended up working out just great because we only had to wait another 10 min at that point.  Yea!

I really thought Grayson would do okay with Santa.  He's really not afraid of strangers, and smiles and waves at anyone who will look at him.  Not the case.  As soon as we walked into Santa's little house (they have a whole setup that looks like he's actually in his house in the North Pole..super cute) he started clinging onto me like a spider monkey.  It's like he knew where this was heading and was not feeling it.  I handed him over to Santa and he freaked out.  Started trying to lunge out of his arms, and screaming.  So that was fun.  I really didn't mind because I think that the crying baby pictures with Santa are funny.  Sorry Grayson.  Here's the pics from our day!

Happier times before we saw Santa

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

11 months

I almost have a one year old.  What?!  I have already come to the realization that I no longer have an infant, he is officially a toddler.  There really isn't any "baby" left in this one...he's all little boy.  He's the funniest little kid, and keeps us on our toes every day.  He's got the cutest little personality.  He smiles allllll the time.  Whenever we're out and about everyone always comments how happy he is.  He really is happy most of the time.  Unless he's not. :)

He definitely has a little attitude/temper (no idea where he got that from).  Recently, he has gotten on this hitting kick...not good.  It's crazy too because you can see him turn and look at you, and you can see the wheels turning in his little head...then all the sudden he rears his arm back and smacks you in the face.  Awesome.  He totally understands the word "no" and definitely knows what it means.  He listens most of the time when you tell him no, except for the hitting deal.  I have had to resort to sitting him down across the room, telling him no in a mean voice, then walking away.  He doesn't like it.  At all.  Crying ensues, then crawling as fast as he can after me while I try to ignore him.  Usually that works though-so hopefully this is a phase.  Want to know what's ridiculous?  He barely ever hits Jason.  Apparently he hates his mommy.  Just kidding, we're BFF, but still.

He took his first steps on November 27!  He took 7 steps, I was very excited.  And kinda not.  Seemed early to start walking, and he's already all over the place with crawling.  Can't imagine what it will be like when he can run around!  He has a walker that my parents bought him, and he walks all over the house pushing that.  He hasn't really taken many steps on his own since those seven.  He can do it, he just has to convince himself that he can.  He walks really well holding just our fingers.  It'll be any day now I'm sure.

Grayson's 11 month stats:

Weight: Not sure, heavy.  I picked up Bailey the other day and thought she was sick...then realized she just seemed light because I'm used to picking up Grayson.  When Bailey seems light, you know the baby has gained some lbs!!

Height: Not sure again, he has his next appointment in a month

Teeth: Still 2, the 3rd just broke through the other day.  He's been working on his two top front teeth for a few weeks now.  I think it's really starting to bother him, he's been waking up a couple of times during the night recently, which he hasn't done in forever.

Clothes:  Wears anything from 12 month-2T.  Depends on the brand.  Most pants he is wearing 12 month.  Sweatpants he can still wear 6-9 month.  Seems like they make sweatpants huge!  Jammies he's wearing the 18 month zip ups and 18-24 month two pieces.

Shoe: Size 4

Diaper: Just graduated to Size 4.  He can still wear a 3, but these seems more comfortable length wise.

Favorites: Loves playing outside, loves playing with Bailey, his walker, hammering anything, recently has gotten obsessed with putting objects inside things.  He's gotten really good at putting his big coins inside his little piggy bank.  He started taking all of our mail and stuffing it under the couch....goofball.  Loves watching the washer/dryer.

Food: Eating basically anything now.  He's a great eater, but still loves his bottle.  He takes 4 bottles a day.  First feeding, mid morning, mid afternoon, and nighttime bottle.  I think it may be a rough transition when we start weaning him from it next month.  We are heading to Mexico at the beginning of January though, so I won't start until we get back.  He will eat Cheerios all day long...he's obsessed.  He's finally started liking meat a little.  He'll eat hot dogs and the little Earth's Best chicken nuggets.  Other chicken he won't eat-no clue why.  He's OBSESSED with fruit.  He will eat fruit all day long.  Especially raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.  He's gotten bored with bananas, but will still eat them.  Not a huge fan of veggies, but will eat the Plum pouches.

Lovin his raspberries

Talking: Not yet.  Still babbles a lot...lots of dadadadada.  He definitely knows what we're saying to him now.  When I say "Where's Daddy?" he will crawl over by the garage door, since that's where Jason comes in every night.  I find it super cute.  He also will put his little phone up to his ear like he's talking on it.  Once again, super cute.  

Sleeping:  Pretty much the same.  Still goes to bed around 7-7:30.  Wakes around 6:30ish.  Takes two naps a day, one around 9 or 10, the other around 2 or 3 (depending on our day).  He will sleep anywhere from 20 min-2 and a half hours.  You really never know what you're going to get when it comes to his naps!

Here's some pics from the past month!

Once again, taking his clothes off

Pushed his highchair like it was a walker.  Jason thinks we have a future football player

Loves taking the bows off the presents

Mmmmmm quesadillas


Taking a break from Christmas shopping to chew on a truck

Hanging out with Uncle Brett over Thanksgiving

Completely mismatched from head to toe-didn't care at all that day haha

Lunch in Prairie Village!

Riley dog-had a rough month with Riley.  She hurt her back, went to the vet and found out there's a huge list of things wrong with her. :( We have to keep her settled down and not jumping around as much.  

Future gymnast

 Done with pictures

It'll probably be awhile before my next post.  I'm heading to KC next week for about a month for Christmas.  We're heading straight from KC to Tulum, Mexico for a week.  Wish us luck-Grayson is way too busy to sit on a plane for very long-luckily we have lots of people he can sit with :)  We are also doing Grayson's first birthday party up in Kansas since we will be there over his birthday.  If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know the theme. :)  Grayson LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (well for short increments) so it'll be a Mickey Mouse theme!  I have had fun planning it so far.  Not going to be a huge party, just immediate family and a few friends.  I'm excited though!  Have a Merry Christmas!