Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Zoo Baby

We bought season passes to the Ft. Worth Zoo this spring, and Grayson has absolutely LOVED it!  He has such a great time looking at the animals and pointing at each. and. every. bird. he. sees.  I mean really...you would think he'd be more impressed with the elephant, but no!  Everyday birds it is!  :)

Ft. Worth Zoo is an incredible zoo, and is in the top ranked zoos in the nation.  Jason and I love taking him over there too because we have just as much fun as him!  We hope to have lots of zoo time this year...especially before it gets to be 100 degrees before 10am!

Here's some pics from our zoo adventures:

Love this one-pretty amazed by the giant gorilla behind the glass!

He absolutely loved these funny little red birds

This little girl kept saying hi and Grayson just stared at her like she was crazy :)

Exhausted after a long day

"What?!  Is that a monkey??"

Double point

Loves the lizards

Amazed by the snake...gross