Sunday, October 30, 2011

7 months!

This little guy is going to be here before we know it!!  Jason and I were walking the dogs the other night, and realized that in 3 short months we are going to be real live actual parents.  Craziness.  Well...actually less than three months.  I really truly cannot wait to meet this little guy!

Grayson info this week:  Average length at 28 weeks is 14 inches with average weight being 1.7 lb.  As we now know, he is a giant and has well surpassed this 1.7 lb marker.  Not sure how much he weighs obviously, be he was 2.4 lbs at 26 a little more than that?  Jason is thinking we probably have the new center for KU on our hands.  His skill of the week: blinking!  Apparently he has also been coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking practice breaths.  He's also starting to have REM sleep cycles.  His lungs are nearly fully mature as well!  As for Grayson specifically:  he has been kicking me in the ribs. This is a new development, and one that I am not a fan of.  It feels like he wedges himself up under my ribs and starts moving around.  Not comfortable!!  Should be interesting for the last couple of months as he gets even bigger.  We now have a new trick where I can put the TV remote on my stomach and it'll wobble back and forth as he kicks.  It's so funny to see-cool for Jason too.  He can see just how hard he's kicking!

We have gotten a lot of work done on the nursery!  So exciting to see it all come together!!  It is almost fully painted.  We have some touch up work to do, and we still need to paint the chair rail.  We did the chair rail all by ourselves!  One note to people wanting to put up a chair rail:  apparently Home Depot does not cut the pieces for you!  We measured REALLY carefully, brought our measurements to them, and were informed that we had to do it ourselves.  We were seriously there for about 2 and a half hours trying to get our measurements exact.  Plus, for all of the corners, they have to be at a 45 degree angle and match up perfectly.  We ended up doing a good job, but geez!  His bedding finally came, and I am IN LOVE WITH IT!  It is exactly what I hoped it would be.  His crib came in yesterday too!  Jason has started putting it together, but it's not done yet.  I will put up pics of the fully assembled crib soon.  I really want to put the bedding in it!  We haven't bought our mattress yet though, so it's going to look weird if I do.  Here are some pic updates:

28 wk bump, going out for Rangers game 7-lost :(

Starting to trim-you can see the lines on the wall where the chair rail will go

Allll Bailey wanted to do was play.  She would come up behind us and whip her toy monkey into our backs until we threw it for her.  (Side note: Before I get comments about paint fumes....I didn't paint much AT ALL.  I helped trim a bit, and Jason rolled the rest while I was out to lunch!)

Not quite ready to get whole-room pics yet, but here's a small view of the colors/rail.  I did a pretend set up of his bedding to see what it looks like with the wall colors! 

Bumper pieces with his cute little name

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!!  

Friday, October 21, 2011

27 weeks

I had my doctor's appointment on Wednesday of this week.  We got to get another sonogram in order for them to check on the placement of the placenta.  Unfortunately, this one wasn't quite as fun as the one where we found out "he" was a he!  It was much more medical related, and we only got to see his sweet little face for a minute.  Here is at 26 weeks 5 days:

His heartbeat sounded great, and apparently our little baby is HUGE!  He weighed in at 2 lbs 4 oz.  According to my book, average weight for this week is 1.7 lbs.  So yea.  He's big.  Most babies are 2.5 lbs at week 31.  I'm going to be like that lady you hear in the news that has a 15 pound baby.  

Anyway, back to the appointment.  All is well with Grayson, but my placenta is still measuring low.  It's at 1.5" away from the cervix, and they want me at 3" away.  Good news is, it's not covering the cervix, so I get to fly home for Thanksgiving!  Bad news is, it's still only halfway to where they want it to be at this weeks time.  They are going to do another sonogram at my next appointment in November to see if there is any progress.  The doctor sounded optimistic that it would move, so I'm trying to stay in that mind frame.  Worst case scenario now is that I have to have a c-section.  I would rather not do that, but I'm trying to start preparing myself now for if that has to happen.  If he is in fact 15 pounds, c-section will be welcomed :) Other than that, all is pretty normal!  I had to do the glucose test, which was gross.  You drink a orange drink that looks like gatorade.  At first..not too bad!  Then it starts tasting like Triamenic (remember that orange "cough medicine" that you had as a kid that didn't really do anything for your cough?)  It got really syrupy and not pleasant.  They said there is not a whole lot that can be done with my back...suffer it out.  He said massages might help, so I am taking advantage, and going for one today!  

We are going to paint the nursery this weekend, so hopefully I will have some updated nursery pics next week!  

27 week belly, heading out to cheer on the Rangers!  

Saturday, October 15, 2011

26 weeks

Alright, what's new this week??  Grayson's eyelids are fully open this week and can respond to bright light and blink.  He's about 14 inches long and almost 2 pounds.  Getting bigger and bigger!  I feel like my stomach has popped out more this week too.

Not the cutest of pics, but you get the idea.  You can definitely see the bump better in normal clothes!  

As far as how I'm feeling, I have been really good recently!  Well..other than my back that is.  That has gotten a lot worse this week.  I have never had back problems, and this is just plain horrible!  Since it's a nerve, it doesn't actually even feel like back pain, it's more just my left side/butt/leg.  Not fun that's for sure.  I look like a 90 year old walking around, and can't lift my left leg high enough to get up into our bed by myself.  I have started thinking that crutches would help a lot because when I don't put pressure down on my left leg it feels somewhat okay.  I don't think that they will give me crutches though with my center of gravity being off balance, so I'll probably just have to deal.  

I have my next doctor's appointment this coming Wednesday, and we get to have a sonogram!  Yea!  I love sonograms-so fun to see the little guy in there.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is okay and the placenta has moved up in the uterus.  If it hasn't, I won't be coming back to KC for Thanksgiving (most likely).  I won't be able to fly, and with my back the way it is, I can't sit in a car for 8 hours. :(  After the appointment this week I move to appointments every 2 weeks.  I'm thinking I could get another sonogram in before Thanksgiving to see if it had moved by then.  

We have started working a little bit more on the nursery.  I have swatches from his bedding that I was able to take to Home Depot to compare for paint colors.  
Okay, ignore the fact that it is called "Cinderella Bedroom/Bathroom Color Palette" and that the swatches are little high heels.  They are obviously from the Disney line :)  We are going to be adding a chair rail to the room.  Below the chair rail will be "Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue" and above is going to be "Blustery Day."  I had originally wanted to do a design on the bottom (harliquen diamonds or stripes) but our bedding/glider/curtains have enough print, so I think we're just going to do solid colors.  They look really cute next to each other, and go really well with the baby blue part of his bedding!  So excited to get it all together!  His room is going to be baby blue, black and white.  We also ordered his glider, but it won't be here until Nov/Dec.  They said it might come in earlier, so I will put up a pic when it comes.  

This pic has nothing to do with the baby...but I'm pretty sure she's the cutest pug in the world. :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome to the third trimester!

How am I in the third trimester already??  That's kinda scary, not going to lie.  Grayson is the biggest wiggle worm in the world.  Seriously, this kid does not stop moving.   It's pretty fun to feel him all the time though!  I am feeling more and more connected to this little guy everyday, and cannot WAIT to meet him.  Jason has been out of town for the last few days for a work golf trip, so I've been pretty bored!  I'm wishing it was January already so that Grayson would be here to play with me :)  I also wish he would get off that sciatic nerve in my back.  It's been over a week now, and the pain has not let up.  Keep reminding myself that I'll forget about all of the bad stuff once he's here!

So Grayson info this week:  He's no longer an avocado, he's an eggplant now!  Once again, I need to go to the grocery store and check out an eggplant since I don't eat them.  At the 25th week babies average about a pound and a half and about 13 1/2 inches long.  I read that this is about the length of a recorder that you played back in elementary school.  Those things need to be banned...worst sounding instrument, especially played by a 7 year old.  From here on out, he starts growing more according to genetics.  I'm not sure what Jason weighed when he was born.  I know I was a little over 8 pounds.  My brother Brett was 8 something, and Christopher was in the 9's.  Good chance he could be big :)  His arms and legs have grown to almost the proportions that they'll be at birth.  His nostrils have cleared out and he is breathing through his nose.  He can make a fist and clasp things in his palm, and is able to learn and recognize mine and Jason's voices!  He's really close to being "fully functional" meaning his major organs are almost ready to work in the outside world.  That's comforting, but stay in there please :)

Here's me at 25 weeks:
Don't be jealous of my Jalepeno's t-shirt.  I was sick one time in middle school and my whole family went to Jalapenos without me.  They felt bad, so they brought me back a t-shirt.  Obviously it meant a lot  considering I still have it at 29.  I need new shirts.  

Dog update:
The other weekend, we found a bed that we thought Riley would be obsessed with.  She LOVES anything she can crawl under/in.  So we bought her this bed...even though it's meant for a cat.  It used to have a little mouse hanging down in front of the door.  We didn't want her to be embarassed, so we cut it off.  

I think Bailey was jealous.  She's a tad bigger than Riley (it's the breed, she's not fat!!) and can't fit in the door.  I came into the living room and found this:

If you can't fit, just smash the bed down and lay on top of it!  Such a problem solver.  Love my dogs :)