Monday, June 24, 2013

The last few months

Been a pretty busy last few months that's for sure!  We have officially moved to Dallas (!!) which I am so so so excited about.  We got moved in last weekend, and are finally starting to feel somewhat settled.  My mom came down for the week to help with Grayson and the unpacking, which was incredibly helpful!  We got basically everything done, except for a few odds and ends that need to be put up on walls and stuff.  So far we are LOVING it, and I can't believe I actually live so close to everything that I used to have to drive 40 minutes for.  

We have transferred our gym membership, found our grocery stores (we have a Central Market within 5 minutes of us...I think I'm in love), checked out the's been great so far!  I think we'll probably be sad when it's time to head back to the suburbs in a year :)  We are renting here on the M-Streets for a year while we decide where we want to get/build our next house.  

Jason and I headed to Cabo for our 5 year anniversary.  It was an awesome trip!  We had such a great time, but were completely missing Grayson the entire time.  There were some little guys at our hotel that reminded us so much of him, so that definitely made it more difficult to be away! :)  It was great to spend some one on one time together just the two of us though!

Alright, here is picture overload from my phone:

Dinner at the Palmilla One and Only (most amazing resort ever)

Checking out downtown Cabo-drinks at the Marina

The view from the road of our hotel group (we stayed at the Villa del Arco)

Grayson insists on putting random toys in Riley's cage...poor dog :)

Love that booty

Playing in the sprinklers

Waiting for Daddy to get home from work

B and Riley peeking out underneath our fence at us...

Riley's face sums up her feelings on Grayson

Breakfast at Bread Winners before we try to find a house!

We painted our front door...Bailey was out front, ran and jumped smack dab in the middle of the paint while running into the house. I literally had to run and dive tackle her before she got to the carpet line

Little Gym Pirate Party

Pirate party landed on Cinco De Mayo...Grayson was over it

Always the crossed feet :)

Doing a little shopping at Ace Hardware...he loved his little cart!

Grandma O got Grayson his own chair!  He loves it :)

Mother's Day spent at the pool

Reading in the car during a showing of our house :)

Lion King-one of his favs right now

Attempting coloring with Color Wonder-he decided to stack the markers instead.  This kid is way too busy to sit and color

Climbing the fence at El Arroyo

Snuggle time with mommy after nap

Just going on a walk with my big deal

Taking the mulch stuff out of the tree...naturally

Grayson's first award!  It was the final day of Little Gym spring semester, and he won for "Most Daring" and "Best Explorer" i.e. "Dives off things without thinking" and "Won't sit during group circle time" :)

Favorite: balance beam

Class party on the last day of class.   These pictures make me so sad: it's like he's in school!!  So big :(

George W. Bush Library

GG and Paw got him a new truck, so we rode it to the pool

I've got my hands full

Practicing the balance beam on his bumper instead of napping

Almost 18 months-still no haircut.  Can't do it, I love these curls!!

Looking out the window at our new house-so many trucks go by, he's in HEAVEN!

Seat of choice-doggy bed

Father's Day brunch at Del Frisco's Grill

Dinner at Primo's with GG-looking for trucks

Moving Day-taking apart his crib with Daddy

Found a golf cart next to Gordon Biersch..had to try it out!!

I've never seen a kid more obsessed with trucks..finds them everywhere

Sorry for so many photos at once, had to get them all though!!  Next post will be on Grayson's 18 month updates, as well as some more about our move!