Monday, September 10, 2012

Family photos

I finally had some family photos taken!  Since it is always just the 3 of us hanging out, we NEVER get a chance to get any pictures of the three of us!  We also used the opportunity to get some professional photos of Grayson as well.  I really like how they turned out, and I can't wait to blow some up for the house!  

8 months

Grayson turned 8 months on September 4.  I know I say the same thing every month, but this kid is so much fun!!  His little personality is really starting to shine through, and he's doing something new every single day.  I swear, I blink my eyes and he's another month older.  Stop growing Grayson!!


Buddha belly

His new crinkly nose grin :)

Grayson's 8 month stats:

Height/Weight: Not sure, won't be back to the doctor until his 9 month well check up

Hair is growing in..finally!  Still has most of it right on top, but it's starting to even out

Clothes:  Size 9-12 month, Size 12 month jammies

Shoes: size 1

New things this month: Went on the swing at the park...loved it!  Crawling up a storm-can get around just about everywhere now.  He is also now pulling up to a standing position.  He prefers to be standing, but it usually results in a fall, followed by crying.  

Food: Loves squash, bananas, mangoes, peaches, green peas, carrots, and organic puffs.  These go with us everywhere now!  He also tried Cheerios and cheese.  Liked Cheerios, hated cheese.  

Sleep: Goes to bed around 7-7:30 and will wake up anywhere from 5:45-7:45 depending on the day.  He takes 2 naps a day, sometimes 3 if his first one was really early.  He'll sleep about 20 min-2 hours...once again depending on the day :)