Wednesday, July 31, 2013

18 months

Finally got Grayson in for his 18 month appointment...even though he turns 19 months on Sunday, who's counting!  I finally found a pediatrician I am happy with here in Dallas.  We went and saw him this morning, and he was great!  The office was really nice, is about 5 minutes from our house, and all of the nurses are really sweet.  Huge improvement from last time when we had to drive 25 minutes to Ft. Worth!  There's a big school bus in the office that Grayson can play on, which he obviously loves!

So, I don't think that I ever recorded what his stats were at his 15 month appointment.  Now I can't find the sheet either, so it might be lost forever.  I do have his 18 month stats though, and he has definitely "thinned out" a lot.  He is 25.6 pounds (which is 44th percentile) and is 32 inches (which is 51st percentile).  I don't think that the 32 inches is super accurate because he was 32 inches at 12 months, and he has definitely grown quite a bit since then.  That or the 12 month was wrong.  He's only gained about a pound since his 12 month appointment!  I also think he might have lost a pound since his 15 month cause I swear he was almost 27.  Who knows.

Anyways, everything looked great.  The only thing I have been semi-concerned about is the whole talking thing.  He still isn't talking a ton.  I talked to Dr. Abel about it, and he said it's nothing to be concerned about until he turns 2.  He said that he will probably start to get about a new word a week here pretty soon, but sometimes boys are a little slower...especially since he doesn't have any siblings.  So nothing to be too concerned about right now.  Grayson mainly will say mama (only when he wants something) dada, then he says "da daaaaaaaa" for basically everything else.  Especially cars and trucks. This boy is so obsessed with anything car/truck related it's crazy.  He freaks when he sees big trucks.  Jason and him now look up semi-trucks just on Google images and he will sit for like 20 minutes.  Funny kid.  Other words he HAS said but doesn't say on a regular basis: truck, up, light, hat, hot, eyes, glasses.  Yes, glasses.  Random I know.

He is obsessed with the dogs, and absolutely terrorizes them.  Poor dogs.  He runs after them all. day. long.  He takes all of his little push toys, golf clubs, anything really....and chases them.  We're working on being sweet and gentle and not hitting.  It's a work in progress. :)

He is extremely active.  He loves to have dance parties, and just run around.  He is constantly on the move, and doesn't stay still for more than a few minutes.  Anyone who watches him (the nursery at Sunday School, the childcare at the gym) describe him as "busy busy!"

He is a monkey.  Can climb on anything.

He has adjusted really well to our new house.  We have big windows in the front that looks out onto our street, which he LOVES.  He looks outside all day at the delivery trucks and everything that go by. We are right off of 75 highway, so we get some big trucks that come by.  It's pretty exciting.

New favs:

Movies: Cars, Lion King, Finding Nemo
Shows: Thomas and Friends, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Chuggington, Mickey Mouse (not as much as before, but still likes it).
Food: Very picky (may or may not get that from me).  He will eat hot dogs, lots of fruit, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, quesadillas, obsessed with Larabars and Z Bars, Veggie Sticks, smoothies, NO VEGGIES (have to hide them in his smoothies), yogurt, chicken nuggets...had an m&m the other day...big fan!

He is on a great schedule now, which is nice for when I plan our day.  He's been waking up between 8-9 now which is AMAZING.  Can't tell you how nice this is!!  He's woken up before 7am since he was born, so this is fabulous.  He plays and plays (and plays and plays) until lunch around 11:30.  Then plays some more....nap around 1 or 1:30.  He sleeps about 2 hours, plays some more...dinner around 5:30.  Play...bath/book/bed around 8-8:30 now.  Great for Jason because he gets a lot more time with him in the evenings now.

Alright, picture overload again.  I need to update more often so that it's not so much!!

Checking out the airplanes heading back to Dallas!

Pointing out the trucks while having lunch at The Porch

Some Sunday yoga with Daddy

Coloring..he will do this for about 5 minutes

Truck book!!

Reeallllyyyy considering running out in the rain

Goes down the slide all by himself now :(

Doggies really want to come play

We live super close to cousin Charley now!  We're working on the whole sharing thing.  This is the "I don't want to share my chair" face


I know, I know...haircut.  It needs to happen.  I will do it...soonish :)

One of his fav things to do-see the ducks and turtles at Northpark!

Watching Daddy mow the lawn

He brought his little stool from his room so he could have a chair for his snack

Playing at the Galleria-straining for indoor activities in this 100+ heat!)

Wayyyyy too much macaroni!!

Crossed feet :)

Need to go buy a booster...he climbs up in the chairs by himself to eat at the table.  Almost over his high chair :(  So big!!

Storytime with Ronald McDonald at the library (he was a tree swaying in the wind)

Naughty boy-golf clubs got taken away and put on the mantle because he was hitting the dogs...his solution: climb and go get them!

Loving his new stroller!  (Crossed feet love love it)

This was at about 10:15pm.  He was taking off his pants and doing the splits simultaneously.