Thursday, June 12, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was so so fun this year!  Grayson is finally at the age where he actually understands what is going on, so it made it really fun for us as a little family.  He went on a couple of different Easter Egg hunts, and had a ball at all of them.  Unfortunately, Grayson came down with strep throat over Easter weekend, so it kind of put a damper on our plans.  He still had a great weekend, it was just spent at home! :)
Getting ready to head out to Klyde Warren for an Easter in the park party

 Yaaa!!  A pic with mommy!

Love this little boy so much

Egg-stravaganza here in Frisco-they had over 80,000 eggs...that's not normal

Somehow all 80,000 eggs were gone in about 10 Daddy started taking them out of his basket and throwing them back down for him to find-genius really

All the eggs are gone-here's the lone soldier finding the eggs Daddy's throwing

We were up in KC for a wedding and got to do the Church of the Resurrection Easter Celebration too!  

There was a 7 egg per kid minimum....we did not listen

They had a firetruck-Grayson was in heaven

Walking to the bouncy houses with Uncle Brett and Patrick

Dance party room-Grayson decided to go up with the performers

This was our one and only bunny visit this year due to the strep...sad....refused to sit with him.  

His first experience dying Easter Eggs-big hit!!

The night before Easter we buried some "magic" jelly beans in his rice table

Here we are Easter morning--the Easter Bunny magically turned the beans into lollipops!!  

Pretty excited by the whole concept really....

"cheeseball face"

The bunny brought him a fun new cup and plate to have breakfast on

Finally started feeling better from the strep so we went out for a bit.  Such a stud 

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