Thursday, June 12, 2014

New House

I have been getting tons and tons of requests for photos of our new house.  I didn't want to post them on Facebook, so here we go.  On the blog it is!

We officially closed on our house on December 20, 2013. Our movers moved us in on December 28, and we were here for our first New Years Eve!  It is now June (oops....took awhile to post this ha) and we are loving every minute of being in our new place.  It is everything we have wanted in a home and more.  We are meeting more and more of our neighbors, and they are all awesome!  LOTS of little kids and extremely family friendly.  Every Friday they have a block party where the kids play and the parents win for everyone really.  So here it is!
We found our house as a spec home, and I fell in love and had to have it.  It was about 70% finished, so I got to pick out a great deal of the finishes, which was great.  We got a great deal, broke our lease early in Dallas, and didn't look back!  Best decision we've made.

Living room looking into kitchen

Kitchen looking from backdoor

Ktichen view #2-through that doorway is the guest bedroom/bath/mudroom/garage entrance

Looking into front entry from living room

Front entry from dining room-halfway up the stairwell is Jason's office on the right and the back stairs leading to living room to the left

Dining room

 Our master bath leading into closet...(super huge mess so you get no photos of closet or bedroom :)

Upstairs bar looking into playroom-the nursery is behind me to the left

Grayson's favorite place ever-his playroom!  Looks into the media room, which is an extension of his playroom right now until we turn it into an actual media room :)

Another playroom view-looking into Grayson's bathroom on the left (his bedroom is through that door-no pics, he's napping!)

Living room-that doorway leads to our master to the left of the doorway, laundry through the closed door...that's the back stairwell that leads to Jason's office

One of my favorite parts-the exposed beams in the living room!



I tried to find all of my photos of the house unfinished, and for some reason can't find them!  Ahh!  Oh well....they're somewhere.  So there it is.  Now come visit us!!

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